Belmont man, who says town 'fictitious entity,' under court order to clean up

My neighbor Joe is under attack. This is the property that abuts my property. He describes himself as an anarchist. He’s a good guy that just wants to be left alone. Some long time FSP folks will know his uncle Ward Griffiths.

Perhaps a respectful call to the town administrator would be in order.
Jeanne Beaudin Town Administrator 603-267-8300 x 124


A phone call to a fictitious entity ? Call santa while your at it. :crazy_face:

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The fictitious entity has men with guns and cages whom will not hesitate to follow orders.

Why do they continue to “not hesitate” ?

Yet we know he’s paid property tax because they haven’t confiscated it because of non-payment. So he’s recognized the “fictitious entity” until now?

If he doesn’t want to play by the rules of the people he rents his property from (the Town, because he doesn’t have allodial title and must pay rent (tax)), he should sell his property and find a place that is more lenient on his lifestyle.

I’ve never seen anyone win at playing the fighting the building code and zoning ordinance game. They all eventually lose their property when they go all the way or end up committing suicide out of despair. But what use is telling stubborn people what reality is?

We’re supposed to back the play of our people. He’s our people in a sense, and the biggest difference is the difference between 0 and 1. Ineffective resistance is better than none, if ineffective is even the right word for him. At least he’s raising some small amount of stinkie for them. Adding this to my “call NH talk radio about” list, and thanks for posting it.

It depends how you define win, if you do see it as a game and cause them a ton of grief and expense wile simply entertaining yourself its a win.

Whatever gets you off, bro.

Sometimes doing funny shit screwing with them does get me off.

Like in NY when someone called the police cause I dared to celebrate my ‘freedom’ with fireworks on July 4th.

The police left and I played videos of Saturn missiles and whistling moon travelers on YouTube connected to my stereo with the speakers outside. It was louder then the real thing and there was nothing they could do about it.

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