Attempted home invasion

Reportedly: There was an attempted break-in on tiny, dead-end Pony Lane in Colorado Springs at around 1:15 am on Wed. January 18. This is basically the only place I have to post the details publicly. This post is for the benefit folks in the general Promontory Point neighborhood, some of whom will get the link.

Pony Lane is where my parents live, but the attempted break-in occurred at a different house. Reportedly a car pulled up to a house which was occupied… roughly two people appear to have walked around back and broken a gate to get into the back yard. When they tried to enter the house, an alarm went off and cops were auto-notified. The homeowner called 911 , stayed on the line, and later cops arrived. All of Pony Lane is considered private property but is not sealed off.

It was snowy so footprints told the tale. There are reports that they tried to enter other houses or yards. Most of the homeowners on Pony Lane itself have now been informed by email. A security service came and patrolled the street at least once over night with bright yellow flashing lights.

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Unsatisfying story. I was hoping the bad guys got shot by at least one of the neighbors.

New Pony Lane home invasion attempt?

Another Pony Lane homeowner reports that two suspicious men came to his front door around 7p today Wed, Feb. 1 claiming to be with the city government. He says they knocked rather than ringing the doorbell. He says they seemed like people you would not want to trust. He says they asked to be let in to do something with a meter. He apparently didn’t open any doors and told them to come back in daylight. They complained that they could not understand him but eventually left. He later called another neighbor who reported a similar encounter… apparently multiple other neighbors have been visited as well but all have reportedly refused entry to the pair. I don’t know if everyone has been contacted to see if they are ok.

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Correction: The homeowner referenced in the previous post actually says that the suspicious men claimed to be official in some way, not necessarily with “the city.” another homeowner says he spoke to the men out and about, says they seemed polite, but that he would not let them into his house either. they skipped his house after talking to them but apparently visited at least half of the ten or so houses on Pony Lane.

I’ve ordered some new super bright solar motion lights of a type that have worked well in the past, i need to post the amazon link here at some point. One or more homeowners have installed new surveillance cameras and there were already a lot of gun owners on this street. sometimes I see other neighbors open carrying when I visit here; which is nice.

A locked door is the simplest way to exclude the public as was done correctly in your story.
Secondarily, pictures and video help hold people accountable, not sure why you didn’t receive a copy of those.
Finally, the guns or defensive weapons could be the final resort for homeowners as you mention.

In this case, the undescribed men broke a gate allegedly which indicates they clearly had destructive intent and should be held accountable if the owner desires.
The undescribed car they used may have been stolen as well I’d guess, otherwise, identifying that and the perps is the apparent first step for such.

Good luck!

Unfortunately, as people fail to realize a positive shared purpose in life and the ability for them to live comfortably becomes difficult they will have few barriers to leech off of others aside from the immediate ones I recommended above.