Ascension Initiate Truth Seeker - Looking to Thrive and Live Free!

Hello, I’m Kellee! I’m here after listening to the podcast interview with Sam Dodson of “To The Lifeboats” on Dr. Jason Dean’s Brave TV Nation ( website, which I streamed via

I have been looking, researching, and wanting to move from the state of Minnesota to somewhere “FREE-er” for years. I’ve only visited NH once, for a wedding. I am new to communicating/commenting on forums. I’m not much of a “poster” on social media and besides being active on Truth Social, I am not much of a social media person in general.

I am here because of Sam Dodson’s mention of the site in the above mentioned podcast. I am very interested in learning more about and following Sam Dodson, as well as learning more about Keene, NH, and the possibility of moving there. I am a single woman of color, with no children, no pets (currently), who wishes to live as free as humanly possible, learn organic farming to grow my own foods, learn how to live sustainably off the land, and give back to society, in order to make it a healthier, safer, highly conscientious, morally ethical, non-toxic, non-death inducing place to live, create and raise the living vibration of humanity.


Awesome! I miss Sam - hope he comes back someday.

Welcome to the forum, hope to see you in NH soon. Let us know how we can help.

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I don’t know if you can do any of those things better in NH than in MN.
I think you will find it “free-er” than MN. :slight_smile:
What aspects of MN are unacceptable to you?
good news … it is a bit warmer here in winter