Article about free state project

I think it’s interesting how many people outside the Shire think that everyone shares the same goals and ideas within the Shire. That they judge people based of a minority of individuals.

I would say it’s like saying all Republicans want prayer in church, want to nuke the Middle East, and hand out firearms to anyone who wants one. Or that all Democrats want to end private run ownership, turn over all private organizations to the government, and provide cradle to grave services paid for by the public dole.

These are of course huge exaggerations, and not all people fit squarely into one single box. There are people who believe that all Free Staters agree on everything, which by and far is not true. We agree on principles, but often disagree on actions, just as many groups do.

What I think is really telling is the fact here in the Shire people who disagree with us are allowed to post, that posts aren’t deleted their, and people aren’t shadow banned.

I of course ignore such things as hominem attacks, because people who engage in such behavior just want to bring people down because their own self esteem is so low.

Over all, this article isn’t very balanced and obviously reflects the sentiment that outsiders are bad, and that NH isn’t heading in the direction of a totalitarian State.

The idea of zoning boards goes back to the era where black people were singled out by passing zoning restrictions that black people couldn’t meet in an effort to keep them out of the white man’s part of town. It’s a form of racism. The bigger issue to me is that a zoning board is nothing more then someone telling you what you can or can’t do with your own property.

Believe it or not, many of the objections raised by people who support zoning restrictions are logical fallacies. As a proof one only needs to look to Houston, TX. While, they don’t have a zoning board, and do not have use restrictions. There are policies in place that are circumvention of zoning.
Many properties have a contractual agreement upon purchase, instead of someone later on down the road imposing a new rule or regulation upon the development of the property.

if they’re talking about us, we’re winning.

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