Arriving in NH in July


I’m going to arrive in Keene about the 15th of July. I’m having a hard time finding a place to live. Does anyone know if I can rent a place for just a month? There are two of us. We would have more time finding a good place.


Yes, that’s allowed.

Thanks. Do you know any rental companies I can contact?

I resided on Keene and on Winchester for some times, but currently prefer to be farther from the hoardes of statists that inhabit those lands, specifically Free Grafton. Here you will reside in nearly constant contact with other Shire Society Voluntaryists, by walking out of your room, or even hearing them while in your room. However, be cautioned, when you are alone on Grafton as some suspicious deaths have gone with (IMHO) too little investigation, particularly those pacifists who aren’t prepared to defend their creator’s property with deadly force.
As far as rental companies on Keene, that may be analagous to hotels, motels, airbnb, hipcamp, and many other tools you might search for. I’d anticipate over the summer such will have numerous vacancies but you can also check the college and town schedules to make sure the town will be having a lull in tourism at that time.
If you’re interested to hire my services to further help find you a more specific location to reside, please pm me to discuss your specific requirements and budget.
perhaps an ai enhanced search could help you find more information as well?

Ugg, I was worried about the statists in Keene. I thought Free Keene was a good antidote for that, but maybe it’s not enough. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to get a job in Grafton.

I’m surprised how much hotels and motels cost in Keene, so I hope to not stay there very long. Airbnb is a good idea.

Thank you for your offer! I may end up doing that.

Take care and thank you for your help!

For sure, barter is more prevalent on Free Grafton.
If you need federal money, taking it from statists may be a better option (cities).