Anyone Renting a Room in Keene?

I’m looking for just a room. I can pay $400-$500 per month. I’d like to be in Keene, though Manchester or Grafton are also possibilities.

Have you met anyone here yet? There might be something, but I can’t speak for anyone.

I have several years ago. I’ve got a place in Grafton for now, but I’m looking for a place to build a tiny home and want one foot in the city and one in the country. I’d like to check out the Keene area. Maybe Roxbury.

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Roxbury would be a much better Free Town Project than Grafton. It has a fraction of the population of Grafton - approx 200+ - and is right next to Keene, so you get the conveniences of Keene instead of having to be in the middle of nowhere.

Ultimately, unless the town can separate from the state jurisdiction, it is still being oppressed.
Yes, having a majority of the town to “vote” our way out of slavery is a good thing but unless we can exclude the state enforcers it is only a side victory.
The feds generally are only targeting the low hanging high value fruit. Its the state oppression that hits us every day.

I’d love to join any of these smaller jurisdictions that is close to flipping away from statism.
Until then I’ll continue to foster the Shire society federation of landlords to encourage voluntaryists to consolidate into those places to demonstrate better intentional communities.

The struggle is real!
Unfortunately a lot of dirtbag tenants like Daniel Kidd (Cats) have made many landlords shy to rent to strangers.
However after getting some references as you did surely it would be easier to integrate.

Hi El,

Are you still interested in my coming to meet you and see your place?

Yes, pm sent