Anyone going to Anarchapulco?

So just wondering if anyone here plans on going? It’s in acapulco mexico. Happens every year. I’d assume most/some of you are familiar with it. Hosted by Jeff Berwick.

So I may be going, but it would be cool to meet up with someone from here. Quite frankly, never left the country aside from Montreal before. Either way, it’d still be cool to meet when I’m there. I’d be going alone if I did.

It’s a good time. This year should be very different though.

I’m not sure I want to deal with the government right now. I have thought about going in the past, but it hasn’t actually happened. Honestly though the reason to go is to talk to people about the migration movement in New Hampshire. There are so many people who just don’t know or don’t recognize how significant it is. If we’re ever going to have a a place to live freely it’s where it’s going to start. It may not be where it ends, but we’re going to go places while we’re here and we’ll get to the end much faster the sooner more people are aware, move, and contribute to that end.