Any butchers on here?

I have two pigs that are a couple months away (march). The butcher I planned on using has not called me back every time I’ve called. I was hoping to do it on site. Barter/trade possible.
South of Keene.

I think most of the people I know haven’t butchered any pigs. Now maybe that will change in the years ahead. I am pretty confident every free stater dreams of the day they butcher their first pig. I’m just afraid they’ll get so excited that they won’t stop. As a man who advocates against non-defensive violence I am a little concerned it won’t end after they stop coming. What I’m curious about is why you are hoping you’re going to be able to do it on site? Is there a set date for the pigs to come by? How did you find out about that? Maybe you can just not be at home when they come by and avoid needing to use violence altogether.

I’m guessing either your a vegan or your thinking I was using “pig” in a different way. :wink:

On site, because the act of moving the pigs is to a slaughterhouse is what taints the meat.

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:slight_smile: ohh you meant like the kind you eat.

Yes that kind. Not this kind.

I’m not a butcher by trade but I have processed dozens of deer, pigs, and goats.

I’ve also got a meat grinder for sausage and I’m available for work trade so hit me up if you want to make something happen.