Announcing NEW fundraiser for "Ballad of the Crypto6" documentary

I’m happy to announce a new fundraiser for the upcoming documentary, “Ballad of the Crypto6”, a documentary about the March 2021 FBI raid on Free Talk Live’s studio, the Bitcoin embassy, and the homes of the Crypto6. The Crypto6 are one of a group of activists in New Hampshire who have been targeted by the feds for daring to spread freedom and of whom moved to New Hampshire to fight for greater freedom as part of the larger Free State Project. After an initial smear campaign failed to take out Free Talk Live 5 years ago feds went all in using their standardized underhanded tactics to coerce, manipulate, and mislead individuals and the public about what really happened.

The campaign offers many perks depending on your contribution level: film t-shirts, caps, bumper stickers, dinner with the victims of the FBI raids, and even an opportunity to co-host one or more episodes of Free Talk Live!

Help share the story of the Crypto6:

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Nice that they are producing this!