Hello! I’m Kallan, a (at this point) longtime small L libertarian and anarchist originally inspired by the Ron Paul revolution. Where is ancapistan, guys? Does it already exist on the DL? Can we take over Keene or another city council and announce our independence (maybe initially quietly through simple noncompliance) from the state and the rest of the USA? What do you think?

Yes, but we need more people to move.

Welcome Kallan!

I agree with Ian that if your goal is reformation then moving to New Hampshire should be your destination. I don’t know what your definition of ‘ancapistan’ is, but if you want more freedom, you’re likely to get it in New Hampshire. I don’t think a “second realm” has been established, if that’s what you mean by ‘ancapistan on the DL’.

I don’t know about taking over the area commonly referred to as Keene. Typically, people don’t like it when you take what they think belongs to them, so your resistance is most likely to be high in any take over attempt. I imagine that any attempt to secede from any type of statist society would be equally be difficult, exponentially so as you move up in scale. The time to reach each step would also be exponentially difficult. I apologize for being a debbie downer, but I wanted the same thing but reality is a bitch.

I think that it would be far easier to exist in a statist society through second realms, freedom cells, and Vonu.

I’m in the Northern Shire. Can’t help take over Keene with you. Sounds fun though.