Anarchapulco has decentralized events across the country this year

So this year Anarchapulco is going to be run a little differently. There will be the main event in alcapulco and in addition, there will be smaller events around in north america. He’s doing this for people who don’t/can’t travel. There is one planned on the west coast, in texas, and one in canada. There is no east coast one. He says anybody can set one up, and he’ll advertise it himself. It will mostly be like a video conference, but real people can meet at a venue in the local area.
Ian, you may want to look into doing one of these. NH is a great place. It’s nothing too serious. It happens in march.

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Anybody going? I am flying in the 7th. Feel free to contact me.

Which one? Mexico, Texas?
I may be at the Texas one, but not mexico.

Mexico. I just found out that I’ll have to have a covid test to return to the US. F Biden

I have yet to subject myself to one of those “tests” because I’ve read this (from 2009):

Oh, and because I DON’T TRUST ANY GOVERNMENT to tell me the truth.

If I weren’t going to Mexico, I would be going to the Texas one.

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