An old fsp signer, renewing connection

Hi all, my name is John. I’m 50ish and live in MA, where I was born and raised.

I learned of the FSP 17 years ago and fell in love — realizing that my lifelong oppositional defiant disorder was just nascent libertarianism! I signed in 2004 after attending the freedom fest at Rogers. (was signer four thousand something). The president then was a cool gal who flew airplanes.

My life has taken twists and turns since then, but NH has always been in my heart. I’m finally on the glide path to moving. SW NH is the best choice for my situation, so I’m here to connect with future neighbors!

I found this forum through a post on the FSP forum.


dave ridley here; dadaorwell was my screen name in 2003 on the fsp forum… who were you! ?
i moved here in 2004… one of the five best decisions i ever made.
thanks for returning!

Hi Dave, I was/am guywithglasses. Was mostly a lurker on the forum. I remember your video encounter with a local cop who checked you out for driving up and down a road a few times — think you were looking for a friends house.

It seems like the forum is a lot less active these days, everyone on facebook?

There are a bunch of us who are not on facebook.