Amazon pulls Turner Diaries

Anything still online (including FSP and Shire data mining) is questionable.
One of the things that hurts the evil system of enslavement we are in, is the book “Turner Diaries”.
Find it and read it. You’ll see why it’s removed by the globalists.

There are thousands of reasons to boycott Amazon!

Heck, I am not just boycotting Amazon - I am now even boycotting NewEgg just because they once shipped me something with an Amazon slip inside!

I think it’s harder for me than many people. I live in a tent in the woods, and sometimes help others to do the same. I like lots of particular off-the-grid products that I have a hard time finding outside Amazon (very particular kind of rugged USB lightbulbs, good cheap military duffel backpacks, rare PVC pipe joins that I use in making / repairing tents and furniture, electrical and electronics components, etc).

BTW, I’ve been debating whether I should also boycott employers that sell things on Amazon. I do tax-free “day labor” for cash: it’s mostly construction / remodeling, but sometimes I come across companies that repackage products and sell on Amazon. By that logic I would also have to boycott any company that uses social media, which would be everyone…

That said - I don’t endorse buying the Turner Diaries, because I don’t agree with it. (Although the rise in “”“BLM”"" violence means I disagree with it a little less with each passing year…)

Pirate it, and donate the money you save to people advocating NON-VIOLENT secession!