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I chose shire23 as a user name because I will be in Keene in 2023. I’m trying to wrap my head around the Free Keene movement and the liberal lefties who run Keene State College. Is there any friction between the two? Was the protest held last month at the gazebo filled with college employees? That was great, btw. I enjoyed your counter protest.

I couldn’t find an apartment in Keene in the short window of searching that I had. I was blown away how little housing is available. Is housing always scarce in summer?


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I have no idea how many of them worked for the college, but they did seem like people who live around Cheshire county, at least of those I met or already knew of.

Welcome in advance. I don’t know about housing, would think there’d be more availability in Summer generally as students are gone, but I am not sure.

Thanks, Ian.

welcome 2 u shire!

the college has definitely effected Keene and its history
I don’t think it was much of a factor for the event against us
have you visited here yet?

Thanks! I’ve just discovered your Odysee channel and have subscribed.

I just swung by a few years ago and didn’t have a chance to say hello to anyone. Thanks for the info on the college. I was told over at city-data on the forum not to move to Keene because it was too liberal and the university was the culprit. Imagine my surprise to find a group of active libertarians in the same city!