All about NH

I have questions… like I always do.
Here you can discuss things about NH.

First, does anyone know how the unschooling community is out there? I want to know if there is a group where you can drop off your kid and pay someone to unschool lol

Second, I want to come visit next year hopefully. How is the Uber scene? And how much is it typically?

Third, is there like a libertarian newsletter/ calander that you can look up events in NH?

Fourth, how do others life hack their stay out there- when visiting? Is there like an air bnb with a discount for libertarians?

I thinks that’s all my questions for now lol

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I don’t believe that exists… YET!

Depends on the city… Uber supposedly works in Keene, though with Keene being so walkable, I don’t know how much it’s used. I’ve used Uber in Concord once, wasn’t bad.

sometimes people can find someone to rent them a spare room for a bit, some people have used for their stays, others stay in a hotel/motel

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TeamRogue just took a trip there for the thanksgiving holidays and we just did an airbnb in Putney, Vermont, which is about 30 minutes from Keene. We were able to get around to a lot of Keene and Manchester, NH, while exploring Vermont as well. While ardent libertarians, we didn’t seek out too much of the activist scene while on vacation, but we did have a lot of fun using our bitcoin all over the place.

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The homeschool/unschool community is strong. They come out in large numbers to oppose any new regulations against them at the state house.

UBER exists, better in bigger population areas like Manch, Nashua, Portsmouth. Not sure how active is in Keene. Last I heard there was only one driver.

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Brittany Ping is setting that up, except it will be a timeshare daycare where you commit time instead of money, like a co-op. Also Shire Solidarity might help organize that.

$6.05 from your house to the bar in Manchester, 2-8m wait.

Yes, but every time I mention a visitor or mover to the landlord they seem reticent to rent or they are full, so I think it’s only for people they know. Best to just use AirBnB.

The housing market here in NH is really tough right now. Every realtor I know, (and I know a lot) are complaining about the lack of inventory.

The cost of building a new home is far more expensive per sq/ft than what buying an existing home is.