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“Advertising with the Ridley Report gets the word out!”

  • Ian Freeman
    Free Talk Live /
    RidleyReport advertiser since 2007

What a Ridley Report ad purchase gets you:

  1. I build an ad and a “blip” for you. Generally the blip airs at the start of the vid, the full ad at the end. The blip is nearly always a micro-song to make
    your URL memorable, though if the subject is super serious like an obituary, I may have to make an alternate, more serious version of the ad for that particular vid.
  2. I link to your URL at the beginning of my video descrip.

What it costs:

Until further notice, orders initiated after April 13, 2019 run 10 dollars per airing of your ad. Currently I just upload them to YouTube but I intend to start uploading to Facebook and probably a third service shorty…likely whichever one seems to get us the most hits and the least prospect of future censorship. So as an example: if I were to produce a vid then upload it to Youtube, Facebook and DTube, that’s three sites… so the charge would be 30 bucks. This is going to max out at three until further notice, .i.e. if I were to start uploading your ad directly to four services instead of three, I would get your approval before expanding like that at your expense. Uploading links to my vids containing your ads…is something I occasionally do, it not involve an extra charge to you.

Ambush interviews and encounters with officials are continuing to happen now and then, but I’ve begun re-inventing the Ridley Report so that it is more of a conduit for “thinking person’s street theater.” You can see my Winston Churchill costume in action here

These speeches will probably re-air as roughly 40-minute-long collections with just one blip + ad-ad-end, for folks who just want to listen while doing something else. My settings supposedly forbid Google from inserting its ads; lemme know if one gets through.

The quality of the ad, and the number of versions, tends to be proportionate to your expenditure. The more you spend, the the more time I’ll tend to [put into the ad and the greater the chance I"ll make more version(s) of it. Previously, most “ridleos” have been encounters with government officials. Now the street theater is starting to suck all the air of the the room; it may lend itself to a different audience…hopefully also to history. Some future encounters with officials are likely…but probably less common than before. You can always ask me to run you more frequently than usual, for instance if your ad is about an event coming up in just a few weeks.

Questions for Advertisers: Answering these will let me make an ad more suited to your needs:

What do you want to advertise and how?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how weird/normal would you want the ads to be? (1 is Jim Kerry, 10 is Mike Wallace).
How much would you want your first ad run to be?
What’s the exact URL you’d want me to plug?
Any thoughts what the message should be?
Any time frames of importance to you?
Do you have any images or vid you like to send me which I can use in the ad? You’ll need to be the one who shot it or will need to have rights to it.
And…what is thy bidding?

E-mail Contact: RidleyReport at live period com
Alternate (slow response):

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in regards to back up channels and other outlets, I watch stuff on bitchute and I don’t think too many channels have been taken down there either.