Aden - finally saying Hi!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been an anarchist for about 25 years now and followed the FSP and Shire Society almost since inception.

I’ve wanted to attend all the festivals over the years, but family obligations (and frankly, a lack of funds) always precluded those “frivolous” activities.

This year, though, I’m intent on making it to Porcfest! I’m coming from Seattle, so if anyone is open to sharing car rental and/or motel expenses, please let me know! (I’m not averse to camping, I just don’t have a need for all that equipment otherwise, especially with the cost to transport it across the country. If someone would like to rent me a sleeping spot in their tent, I would be grateful!)

I’ve already advised my better half that I’m making it to Anarchapulco next year, too. She’s invited to any/everything, if she wants to come.

Like many, I’m a reformed statist who educated myself on Rand, Mises, and Rothbard, adopting the non-aggression principle as the basis of a moral coexistence in society.

Professionally, I’m currently a product support engineer for an automation platform, but I have a pretty broad skillset and am happy to help where I can.

I look forward to meeting you, virtually and in person!

In peace,


Welcome to the forum Aden!

If you haven’t gotten on Matrix yet you might want to look into it. There are a lot more freedom loving people on our Matrix chat server. We self host a bunch of decentralized tools for the freedom-minded type.

The chat is decentralized and based around the Matrix protocol. It’s got a few clients, but it’s decentralized and one of the clients is Element. Directions to get on are linked below.

If you do get on I’d probably join our forkfest room although there are many others. Though many you’d have to move to New Hampshire before you’d be allowed in. Although not all. There is a room for goldbacks for example, GNU/Linux chat, a crypto6 room, a cryptocurrency room for NH and for the Monadnock region (Keene included), Porcfest, and probably some others I’m not thinking about that are open to the public, etc.

We also have a Mastodon instance you can sign up with as well at:

Mastodon is like Twitter, but without the censorship. At least if you sign-up with our Mastodon instance.

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hope to meet you someday Aden !

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If you want to go to Porcfest, you might need to get tickets … I don’t know if they can sell out.
You will also need to rent a space to camp or find hotel space nearby.
It is big and crazy … you will meet endless people.

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