Activism: Distributing printed books (and Flash-drives) on liberty and economics in the community

Activism: Distributing printed books (and Flash-drives) on liberty and economics in the community.

Since Aug. 2016. I have been able to buy and distribute several hundred books in towns and cities near by to help spread ideas. This seems to fit me. I am lucky enough to be able to spend a few hundred on this for gas and books. I also contribute to FTL, but wanted to do something else. I have been placing those in Little Free Librarys ( ) , some laundromats, and a few other places. I can get most books for under a dollar. I usually buy in bulk. The ones I use are “Economics in One Lesson”, The Law ( ); FREEDOM by Adam Kokesh ( ) and other books from my library. I have been including bookmarks with FTL and a few other organizations mentioned on the ¼ sheet of paper.

If only 1/3 of the books get read I am happy with this being an effective thing for the cause. I am posting this for two reasons; one so that others can consider this option; and the second reason is to see if there are any ideas to improve the outreach efficiency.

In addition to books I am also considering placing or handing out loaded flash drives. I can get waterproof 16GB 2.0 USB flash drives for $5 each ( ). I am thinking of loading them up with introductory material. 16 GB is a lot of room for only $5, but I am afraid many people will grab them then erase the drive and just use the flash drive for other things.

1.Do you know of any good print books for about 1 dollar or less I can use?
2. Do you know of any good places to put print books where they are likely to be read, and I am unlikely to get harassed etc.?
3. What so you think of the flash-drive idea for the USA; will they be looked at?
4. What type of data would be good to load on the flash-drives; MP3’s. Video, e-books, a verity, etc.? ( I can include FTL material and others)
5. Please post any other relevant information.

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Check out the “zines” available in bulk through CrimethInc. Find them in the “Tools” section.