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It’s time to declare independence again. NH did it to the tyrant in England and we can do it to the tyrants in DC - peacefully this time. Discuss how here.

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A short read on topic.

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On the question of implementation, it’s already in the NH constitution:

[Art.] 98. [Constitution, When to Take Effect.] To the end that there may be no failure of justice, or danger to the state, by the alterations and amendments made in the constitution, the general court is hereby fully authorized and directed to fix the time when the alterations and amendments shall take effect, and make the necessary arrangements accordingly.

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We should start the discussion about national divorce.

We have contending parties that view the world altogether differently. We can continue the low-intensity civil war in perpetuity, or we can give up trying to build the Tower of Babel.

a few links:

Did someone say Secession?

Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.

Thomas Jefferson

This weeks update


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Give Me Liberty, Not Income Tax: Interview with Stephen Villee

I believe that the video “Opting out of income tax” presents
a plan that would result in NH becoming a plutocracy.
If this plan is ever put into place, or any significant part
of it is put into place, it would be the end of libertarianism
in the state.

My own opinion is that the plan proposed by the Club 75 Alliance
is the worst thing that could ever happen in a free state.

you should record a discussion with Steve V. on the subject

A DECLARATION of Rights and Plans of Government for the State of New-Hampshire


I’ve watched the interview above… Steve V. is suggesting that
poor people are undesirables. He would pay for the poor to
relocate, just so he doesn’t have to live with poor people in
HIS society.
I would never accede to such a society. I would be one of the
leaders of a revolution against such a society.
He’s talking about the freedom of people to move out of the state,
but does not give them the freedom of moving within the state,
just because they are poor.

This kind of society degrades people to the status of pets of the
state. This is absolutely anti-libertarian, and gives much more
power to the state. It is somewhat reminiscent of the purges of
non-perfect people in Germany under the Nazis in the 1930s.

He gives people the right to travel out of the state, but tells them
to stay out once they leave.

I repeat, this system is absolutely the opposite of a free state.

Stephen Villee in the interview above seems to want to make
the entire state of New Hampshire into another Monaco.
Let me make a suggestion… Monaco has a population of 38,682 persons in less than 1 square mile of land area.
If Mr. Villee wants another Monaco, I suggest
that he and his rich friends buy up a square
mile of land, move his rich friends there,
and exclude the poor and indigent from
ever settling there. Actually, I believe that
the number in the first video above was
something like 200,000+ of the rich were
to move into the state to carry out their
plan, so, perhaps he would like to purchase
5 square miles of contiguous land.
That’s much smaller than any town
currently incorporated in NH.
Let them run that area as they see fit.

But leave the rest of us in NH to do as
we see fit, especially at the local level.
We should reserve to ourselves the
right to public education, for instance,
within our own town, if we are willing
to pay for it (see the Croydon fiasco
for an example).
We should have the right to care for
the poor, the infirm, and to receive the
medical from whatever source we

We the people have the right to proceed
as we see fit, even if we don’t all proceed
in the same direction.

Yesterday I noticed on the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence
web page that Stephen Villee is the current treasurer for the Freestate
I have requested that my name be taken of the list of Freestate Project
participants. I have been assured that that will be done.
I have no desire to associate myself with anything that Stephen Villee
is a part of.

I feel you are not quite getting his position correct. He would be happy to talk discuss it with you.