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It’s time to declare independence again. NH did it to the tyrant in England and we can do it to the tyrants in DC - peacefully this time. Discuss how here.

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A short read on topic.

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On the question of implementation, it’s already in the NH constitution:

[Art.] 98. [Constitution, When to Take Effect.] To the end that there may be no failure of justice, or danger to the state, by the alterations and amendments made in the constitution, the general court is hereby fully authorized and directed to fix the time when the alterations and amendments shall take effect, and make the necessary arrangements accordingly.

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We should start the discussion about national divorce.

We have contending parties that view the world altogether differently. We can continue the low-intensity civil war in perpetuity, or we can give up trying to build the Tower of Babel.

a few links:

Did someone say Secession?

Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.

Thomas Jefferson

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