About the lady with the burnt car

listening on sunday morning here.
the lady with the car that caught fire didnt really own the vehicle.
once you register a vehicle with the state, you effectively turn over ownership to the state. you register the vehicle with the state, and the state creates and then the state assigns possession of the vehicle title ( a legal document to show ownership) to itself.
what is sent to the registree is a certified copy (it may or may not state the words “certified copy” on it) of the title that can be used to transfer ownership and show who has a legal right to operate said vehicle.

this is how the state can impound (take without permission) a vehicle after an alleged crime (or any other reason for that matter) , without the person(s) stated on the title permission.

the state can then reassign ownership without compensation of said vehicle without even so much as input (or even informing) from the person(s) stated on the title.