A new app for shutting down bad State and Federal Legislation

Hey guys,

I have been working with a small team developing a legislation alert app called Apptivism that I think could help the liberty movement in New Hampshire to:

  1. Quickly coordinate opposition against bad state legislation and support for good state legislation,
  2. Hold representatives responsible to their constituents, and
  3. Get better representatives elected.

The app is free to use because I want to help grassroots movements make as much of a difference as possible.

Here’s a very short explanation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah4bJG5NNks

We have just launched the first phase of the project.

Anyone can set up an Apptivist account (private accounts that follow Mobilizer accounts and vote). Mobilizer accounts (Public accounts that can send out alerts on legislation) currently require an invite code.

I’ve followed the FSP for a while now and love what going on over in New Hampshire. While I might never be able to physically join you guys out there, this is my attempt at helping promote the cause of liberty, both in your state, and the rest of the country.

As such, I’ve set up a special Mobilizer invite code for the members of this forum (WEVVVVK), and it can be redeemed at apptivism.us. A lot more information on the project can be found by scrolling down the homepage of the website as well.

I’d love to answer any questions that you guys might have, and I’d really appreciate any advice/feedback, if you are willing to give it.

Thanks so much in advance, and have a wonderful day.



Update 9/14/2017:

We just added a feature that allows you to share a post on a bill. This allows opinions on bills to be posted and read on social media, forums etc. Sharing this public link to social media will not only help to alert people outside of the app to legislation they should be aware of, but will also provide a call to action to log in and vote on the bill as well.

The resulting stats are filterable down to the district. This gives politically active individuals greater leverage when talking to a representative about a bill as they can now show the rep what his/her constituents think on that bill.

Here’s how the public page looks right now: https://www.apptivism.us/post?id=327

The design on the link above is not final. When it is finished, it will look more like this:

Would love to hear any feedback or thoughts on improving the system from the group. Thanks!


Hey, that looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to wait until Android version is available, but I love the idea and look forward to using it.

thanks for sticking with this seth

hmmm… it’s making me log in to view the index page. so i’m wondering off for now.

@Britton, thanks. It’s my small attempt at making a difference. I will definitely let you know when an android version is out, for the app. If you want to actually post and have people follow you, then you could also set up a mobilizer account on the Website to make public posts. Either way, thanks again!

@RidleyReport2 Are you logging in via the website or on the Phone App?

We were working on updating the app’s security so accounts were protected against brute force attacks on people’s passwords. It’s possible you may have tried to log in when the update was happening.

Also, the iOS app is now up to version 1.02 (this includes the security upgrade), so check to make sure there isn’t an update if you are trying to log in via the app.

Thanks so much for the feedback! This kind of interaction with people outside of our little team is really helpful!

Here’s an updated infographic regarding the project: https://i.imgur.com/m8eNwLs.jpg

@Seth Any further progress/updates on this project?

Why wouldn’t the masses use this to instead beg for more socialism and ask for freedoms to be suppressed?

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Because the masses have proven they are largely too apathetic to put in that kind of effort.

I’m curious to see what kind of effect this app could have in the unique political environment that is New Hampshire. But I’m even more curious if the developers were able to overcome the apathy of the masses and actually get this thing running.

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Use the app to find out when the controllers mandate that you have apps inserted into your brain at birth. For convenience’s sake.