70 NH State Reps Voted to End the ENTIRE War on Drugs!

Originally published at: 70 NH State Reps Voted to End the ENTIRE War on Drugs! | Free Keene

Nearly 20% of those voting on HB581 yesterday in the full New Hampshire house session, voted for ending the insane war on drugs ENTIRELY! The bill came out of nowhere, filed by rep Matt Santonastaso with little fanfare or press attention, despite the epic attack on the War on Drugs it represents. The public hearing came-and-went with little support, or opposition.

Yesterday, at the full house session, the bill came up for a vote and reps Santonastaso and Jonah Wheeler made excellent speeches in favor of ending the failed war on drugs, while Terry Roy who positions himself as a incremental drug reformer used fearmongering language to scare the reps into voting to continue the destruction of our neighbors’ lives. They then voted 286-70 to kill the bill.

Here’s a link to the full roll call showing exactly how all the representatives voted. Kudos to the brave 35 Republicans and 35 Democrats who did the right thing. Sadly many “A+” rated “liberty reps” voted to continue the drug war. What were they thinking? Anyone with a “Yes” vote on the roll call voted to kill the bill, so feel free to reach out to them and ask why. You can watch the full hearing here:


a start, it is!

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I just “watch[ed] the full hearing here”, and was disturbed at what
Terry Roy (I think it was) said: " … while we’ve been sitting here
there’s a darn good chance that someone’s died of an overdose
of fentanyl…". He doesn’t even realize that his statement is an
indication of how the present system has failed.

He’s saying we can’t change from the present system now because
the present system isn’t working.

It is indicative of the self-contradictory mental processes that all
statists have.

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