10% off camp site or hotel at Roger's for Forkfest

OK guys here is the deal, anyone who is attending my wedding at Rogers gets 10% off camp site or hotel this should be good for Friday thru Sunday. Just let them know you are attending “Shalon and Jay’s wedding”

If you save 10% this way and feel like donating some of that savings to Shalon and I

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FSP have pretty much locked up the entire campground and hotel from Monday till Saturday, you will need a Porcfest confirmation Number, before you can rent a camp site or room.

One of my brothers (Dustin) is going to stay until Tuesday and he needed to give them a PF confirmation number before they let him book a campsite for Monday night, I gave him the Confirmation # of my porcfest ticket, i will also give the same confirmation # to the rest of my friends and family who want to stay an extra night, I am not sure if you can book Monday or Tuesday night.

If my friends and Family are not able to rent a room or camp site for only Monday or Tuesday then i will ask the PF organizer to exempt them for having buy the entire week, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, I feel like i am talking about government.

i will update how this goes


The FSP acting controlling and bureaucratic? Say it ain’t so! :hushed::man_facepalming:

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update, i have been told you do not need a PF confirmation # to rent a campsite or hotel room “Monday night even Tuesday is fine”

so that is cool…

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