Why do people still have faith in the legal system?

Can someone explain this to me?

The police are now known to plant evidence. Do half as investigations, lie on the stand, have prosecutors cover for them yet people still instinctively trust the police.

Am I insane? Am I the only sane one left?

For fuck sake what the hell am I missing?

Same reason why people still have faith in some conception of “God”. (I’m an atheist.) They need to have faith in something, and they don’t have any better ideas. Collectivism makes any faith seem real, as long as it is shared. The best that normie nations (average IQ<120) can do is Pinochet.

Metaphysical atheists shouldn’t try to take over churches, and political atheists (libertarians / AnCaps) shouldn’t try to take over existing nations. (Although political campaigns are an effective outreach tool for getting attention.) The only effective solution is secession.

Do you see police misconduct across the board, or does it tend to occur in certain circumstances, like drugs? If it tends to result from Drug Prohibition, you should doubt your insanity. The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Distribute They Live sunglasses:

BTW, you neglected to mention that police commit 8% of US homicides.
The Wire is a documentary.

Yep, as soon as you have a monopoly on justice you no longer have justice; at best you only have the appearance of justice in some cases.

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But there is evidence saying that there “faith” is miss placed. Huge amounts of it that if it were in any other area the people would be demanding that we rip it apart to tear out its black heart so to speak.

I think it depends on how you define police misconduct.

Is lying on a report misconduct?

Is standing by and watching as a fellow leo beats someone who is on the ground handcuffed misconduct?

Or is it just when it is logged as misconduct?

And the worse part the only people who know how bad it is are those who have been prosecuted by it. And everyone dismisses them as criminals

Because if you don’t they suicide you and replace you with the next fetus.

Until people realize they are worse off trying to use proxies to acquire goods for them via crime (politics, voting) we all will remain in this mess. Eventually the masses will get it through their heads that they themselves are the greatest victim of this sort of system.

The first 50% of Americans now own only 1% of the wealth, so we’re getting close to them having no choice but face where this tactic of trying to steal via proxies got them.

I don’t have faith in gov’t but I’ve got faith in learning how to protect myself against submission and forced abiding best I can in the existing system… Such as fines and taxation etc etc… I don’t want it to go by war I’d like to see it go by non-abiding, crumbling, localising, and seizing the opportunities to check it… that’s what appeals to me about my understanding of FSP.

It is scary how many people salute the boys in blue.