Why a strong NH independence movement is needed, "successful" or not

In Bozeman, MT there is a big split between the hipsters, college kids, and environmentalist and the farmers and ranchers. The county has rules some conservative people don’t want to follow, and this young woman is on the ragged edge.

I wish someone would explain to that sheep that they still have not scientifically isolated the virus in a lab. ie. it doesn’t even exist.

All the rage is FROM HER, is over NOTHING

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I am wanting to build a list of NHexit folks who are willing to be guests on podcasts … with their contact info.

Always happy to help talk secession

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Is the podcast new riddley? I didn’t know you had one. I am more aware of the ridleyreport stuff you do.

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I will add you to the list Ian.

yes the podcast is only a month or so old.

NHexit.org - http://nhexit.org

NHexit.com FB group - http://nhexit.com

Podcast page - NHExit Podcast

MeWe group: - http://mewe.com/group/5f9ef49c24d23950aef25adc

Twitter handle - http://twitter.com/NH_Exit

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/nhexitmovement/

Youtube channel - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM_EMLwDtqxdLFkBmDCLocg

NoAgendaTube - NHexit - NoAgendaTube

NH Underground forum discussion - NHexit.com discussion

Gab - https://gab.com/groups/8008

Free State Project forum discussion - "NHexit" seizes on Brexit to demonstrate for Granite State independence

Shire Society forum thread - Why a strong NH independence movement is needed, "successful" or not

Questions or comments for the Podcast - russell@nhexit.org

French site with great links - New-Hampshire -


Texas “Remainers” use scare tactics and other links

I’ll have to take a crack at listening to the podcast sometime.

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some are shorter and some are the long version of secession :slight_smile:

Number 10

Youtube version: NHexit Podcast 10 - Dan Buschbacher - YouTube

Bitchute version: NHexit Podcast 10 - Dan Buschbacher

NoAgendaTube: NHexit Podcast 10 - Dan Buschbacher - NoAgendaTube

podcast: http://podcast.nhexit.org/

links this week

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thanks russell

So still nobody wants to focus on a single county (almost certainly Coös)?

Otherwise FSP is a failed and hopeless idea.

there are plenty of people focusing on a county and a town … why don’t you do it?

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hey Lazyman … start Coosexit


I think we are going to have to take it to the next level in many areas.

along the political path … should we work with individual legislators and such, or through political parties? I was getting the Free State Party itch again.

we have added a telegram thread since porcfest

The reason most people select the area of New Hampshire that they do is down to jobs or with a lucky few places where they see other people doing stuff. The other reason is sometimes people like being outside the city/towns and then they’ll look at things like community and rural tax and bureaucracy reduced areas. There are a lot of people in NH, but if you like coos county and want to focus on a migration to it you should start by doing it! Move and welcome new folks. Convince them that coos is the place to be.