VIDEO: NH Statists Hold ANOTHER Lengthy Seminar on Free State Project's Threat

Originally published at: VIDEO: NH Statists Hold ANOTHER Lengthy Seminar on Free State Project’s Threat | Free Keene

NH Statists FREAKING Out About the FSP

NH Statists FREAKING Out About the FSP

In a strong unintended endorsement, the New Hampshire democrats had yet another online meeting tonight to expose the Free State Project‘s migrants for infiltrating the republican party, winning dozens of state house seats, and our various other tremendous successes.

Despite claiming our numbers are small, the entire video conference – put on by former state reps, at least one of whom migrated to NH – was all about how well-organized our decentralized freedom migration has been. The statists are extremely concerned about the Free State Project, as evidenced by the fact that they have held multiple such meetings like this over the last several years. They used to be held in person but now they are too frightened of catching a cold to meet in real life, and it’s easier to keep the liberty activists out of the discussion this way.

The former state reps giving the presentation believe that there’s some secret big libertarian money funding activists to move here, which is totally false. Otherwise, they have clearly done a LOT of homework to learn as much as they can about this movement, because it is working. We are a peaceful threat to the status quo and they hate that liberty is rising in New Hampshire.

Thankfully, YouTuber and NH resident Dr. Karlyn Borysenko live streamed the event on her channel for hundreds of live viewers, so you can watch the democrats’ whole presentation. It’s basically a 90-minute promo piece for the Free State Project.

Nowhere else in the other 49 states are the people in power actually worried about libertarian activists. The reason they aren’t concerned, is because libertarians are completely ineffective. The reason we’re so ineffective elsewhere is because there are so few of us, spread across the entire country. That’s the reason the Free State Project was formed. It was a good idea and two decades later it’s a proven success. The statists are very, very scared.

Watch the whole hilarious seminar here – this link jumps you to 35 minutes into Karlyn’s stream where the democrat presentation begins:


although the hysteria is kind of fun… I wonder what we could do by way of improved relations with some of these folks, or establishing better communications to help limit tensions. I keep inviting some of them to the Sunday Town Hall on Jitsi but rarely get a joiner.

E-Join our NH Independence Town Hall Sundays 1p U.S. Eastern Time! No acct needed:

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Well we know they restrict access to participating in these meetings - any names they recognize they will keep out. Also, they are no longer held in person which gives them even more control. You could try to reach out, but it’s clear they are both paranoid and hostile.

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I was thinking it would be good to heighten tensions with some people.
my boss did that sort of thing, when he was here for the first time

I wish that evil agenda included ending the Drug War.

Listend to the whole thing and would say they brought up maybe 3 points that are legit, if true.

They said that the free stater faction voted mostly in favor of a budget which contained non-budget off-topic regulations. These restricted late term abortion. We can have a debate on abortion laws…but that’s the whole point…this reportedly did not allow a separate debate but was dumped into the budget, DC style. If the authoritarians on this call were accurate in claiming this…then they have a point.

Secondly, they raised concerns about the fact that some free staters are telling them, or at least broadcasting the idea they should move out of state Now we’re all free to make suggestions to others, it’s just speech… but since I’m technically a Bosnian war survivor I guess it falls on me to repeat: Urging people to leave a state brings up reminescences of ethnic cleansing at a time when the U.S. is teetering on the brink of ethnic conflict. Choose your words carefully.

Can’t remember what the third thing was. as for reaching out , i’ve done that up to the point of diminishing returns and invited various authoritarians to our weekly Sunday e-meeting… there’s been little response.

"E-Join our NH Independence Town Hall Sundays 1p U.S. Eastern Time! No acct needed: "


I was in Croatia last week, and, as always, I remembered you when I looked at the bullet holes that still remain in the walls. Lots of burned-out Serbian homes not rebuilt, or some rebuilt (in obvious fresh brick) with donor money, but uninhabited. My son there is half-Serbian, and he faces some challenges.

So you’ve got a point, but there is also something to be said for making your home in a place where you fit. People encourage others to move all the time, e.g. from rural to urban or vice versa. But probably you’re right–we should mostly avoid this sensitive issue, mentioning only the Free Lunch Project, jokingly, of course…

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Wow cool simp! Actually I don’t know who simpulo is in real life , do you know how to contact me if you have language questions? google translate isn’t completely reliable yet. also Looks like i’m about to get a cool Serbian sister in law by coincidence!

Reached out to a couple more NH Democrats ( i think they are NH Dems?) and invited them to the meetings… i’d had good relations with them but had forgotten about them over the years.


This is Steve Cobb. In Croatia I speak mostly Esperanto, though I can sometimes fake Croatian via Russian. Indeed a cool coincidence that the Yugoslav connection continues.

Certainly there are some Dems and some free-staters who communicate amicably.

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