The Best Forkfest 2019 Calendar

Last year we had a couple of competing calendars, but the best one was the Google calendar created by Aahz. This year, the calendar situation has improved as Adam and @penguin have teamed up to provide a calendar solution that is not reliant on a megacorporation but instead hosted by a Forkfest attendee.

If you just want to see the calendar, you can do that here:

It’s editable by anyone who creates a free account, which you can do here:

Please add your events! Note, when you create an account and go to add an event, make sure you’re adding it to the Forkfest calendar and not your personal calendar (which is the default).


:frowning: I think there might be an issue… stay tuned! It’s being worked on. If you get a ssl error it’ll be resolved shortly.

They moved it. I’ve updated the links to be correct to the new location.