TEXIT moving ahead

I smell a rat.
Do these propositions sound familiar to anyone here in NH?

Now Daniel Miller and the TNM are being called “American traitors”.

I knew I smelled a rat. But now the TNM has responded, and will
be taking legal action.

so… According to the Texit folks…TX GOP is saying the ballots had to be turned in on dec 10 even tho the deadline was dec 11?

Oh and I think the Texiters are suing people now for calling them traitors, since that secession is not even illegal or forbidden by the Constitution.


I actually posted more articles, but this morning they were
gone from this forum. I tried to repost, but it wasn’t letting
me, or was taking hours to repost them. Herewith…
[this is not all, by any means, of the articles out there, this is getting coverage]



“Call the Republican Party of Texas headquarters at 512.477.9821 and demand that they follow the law by honoring the petition signatures and placing the TEXIT question on the ballot for March 2024.” - TNM.ME

I called and left a message asking for clarification regarding the filing deadline…were they really saying petition could not be submitted on the day of the deadline? but the voicebot said they don’t check their messages.

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Try asking your question from Daniel Miller’s website:

Thursday I sent a very short message through this site explaining who
I was, that he and I had had a long conversation after Liberty Forum
a couple of years ago, stated that the NH liberty community was following
what was going on, and ended the message with “Go get 'em”.
The message I sent was no longer than the four lines.

I have not heard back, then again I wasn’t asking for a response.

I could not find a filing deadline for Texas propositions,
but there is a filing deadline for candidates:

" Public Office Candidate Filing
The filing period for public office candidates requesting a place on the 2024 Republican primary ballot opens Saturday, November 11th and closes Monday, December 11th at 6 p.m. [added emphasis]

The Texas Election Code can be found at

It’s applicable:
“The petition must be filed with the state chair of the political party holding the primary to which the petition applies before the date of the regular filing deadline for candidates’ applications for a place on the primary ballot.”
Technically, this does say “before the date of the regular filing”

The state of Texas is about to go up against the United States
in more ways than just the secession issue.
One of the driving forces of TEXIT is what would be the power
of Texas to control it’s own borders.

Arizona is another red state. The following is a summary of United States v Arizona.

Lastly, one more article on Texas secession.

A year-end summary of all the propositions, including Texit.

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They done did it now!
Texas has now been sued by the US Justice Department.


etc. etc. and so forth

Chris Salcedo Show.
Daniel Miller is guest today.
Matt Rinaldi, GOP chairman will be on tomorrow.
Begin listening about 45:00.


Texas is the target again, this time from New York.
It’s indirect… New York City is suing the bus companies that took
bus loads of migrants to New York and just dropping them. It is
alleged that Texas is bussing to Democratic destinations, thus
indirectly attacking Biden’s immigration policy.
Immigration is one of the most important aspects of the Texit

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Newsweek again on Texas.
I guess when Newsweek picks up on the NH movement we can say we’ve made it.

The same article can be found here:

I have found info for the writer of the above article.
“James Bickerton is a Newsweek U.S. News reporter based in London, U.K. His focus is covering U.S. politics and world politics. He has covered the intersection between politics and emerging technology, such as artificial intelligence. James joined Newsweek in July 2022 from LBC, and previously worked for the Daily Express. He is a graduate of Oxford University. Languages: English. Twitter: @JBickertonUK.
You can get in touch with James by emailing j.bickerton@newsweek.com

I have sent an mail to him this morning:

to: j.bickerton@newsweek.com
subject: Texit, and the NH independence movement

We here in New Hampshire have been following TEXIT
very closely. Daniel Miller has also attended NH events
discussing NH independence. He has also
interviewed NH secession people on his podcast.

I have personally discussed secession with him (several
hours one on one) and have found him to be very
knowledgeable, and a pit-bull when it comes to politics.

I submit that New Hampshire has a tenacious independence
movement, including several legislative actions up for
consideration at this time. It might be worth your while to
look at NH as well as Texas. It would show the wider
story of secession movements in the U.S.

David E. Sanders
Manchester, NH
January 9, 2024 10:53am