TacoFest @ ForkFest 2019 Is A Go (And Artsy Stuff Too!)


Taco Fest
After selling out of walking tacos at ForkFest 2018, we are bringing it back for 2019. For the uninitiated, walking tacos are served in a chip bag, with the normal contents of a taco mixed into the bag. Why not regular tacos? In a word - pragmatism. The bag becomes the container, no losing meat/veggies out the ends, far cleaner to eat, and they can be saved for later if you wish. We’ll be providing spoons and forks for the less adventurous, but Viking-style is highly recommended. We’ll also be offering some keto-friendly options for those of you who eschew carbs (but remember that it is a festival - treating yourself to some naughty bites isn’t going be the end of the world.) And, hey, tacos…

Free Expression Space
We are also planning on creating a Free Expression space at our site where anyone can contribute their artistic (or attempts at artistic) talents to the daily mural. We’ll be providing a large canvas (one for each day, or as needed), paint, brushes, finger paints, and other various implements. Kids and adults alike can join in the fun. And it doesn’t need to be daylight to participate - we’re bringing UV-reactive paint for those of you who find inspiration in the dark. Oh, and the tactile sensations can be oh so glorious given the right state of being :wink:



There were tacos at Forkfest 2018? I totally missed them. Glad to hear about their return. How many days will you be at Forkfest?



Friday the 14th through the end of PorcFest. We keep selling until they’re all gone.



I and mine will be there, and we’ll buy and eat at least one set of Walking Tacos!



I missed the walking tacos last year…I won’t make that mistake again