STARE into the lights my pretties

Technology is the problem:


Technology isn’t the problem.

Misuse of technology is the problem - or, rather, the symptom.

Human stupidity and ignorance is the underlying cause.

I wouldn’t worry too much about “human stupidity”, because when technology as we know it is wiped out, the people will have no choice but to smarten up in order to survive.

when technology as we know it is wiped out

Sounds like a wet dream of someone too intellectually lazy to keep up, but wanting to pretend that’s somehow a virtue…

What we need is BETTER technology: open source hardware and software, unencumbered by restrictive licenses (including “well intentioned” commie ones like GPL), peer-to-peer networks, immutable content-addressable protocols (ex. IPFS) so nothing can be censored, etc, etc, etc.

Technological progress is a prerequisite to make a truly free society possible. Navigating the added complexity of private / locally-owned roads? Knowing whose property you’re approaching? Knowing if someone nearby fits your criteria for ostracism? There’s an app for that!

In a free society, security cameras and tracking drones empower the property owners and make crime obsolete. Product identification and consumer interest wikis make things like the FDA obsolete. Drone bots can track pollution in the air, water, and soil, and penalize polluters on the bases of Property Rights.

Seasteading is probably the greatest example - pretty much impossible without solar panels, delivery drones, 3D printers, cheap portable medical devices, cheap satellite and mesh Internet, and many other breakthroughs.

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