Questionable behavior by Executive Council candidate Terese Bastarache

I’ve begun receiving veiled threats and censorship demands…after requesting partial payment from an advertiser who reneged - the first one ever in Ridley Report history. Terese Bastarache, formerly Terese Grinnell, ordered an ad run in January and agreed to pay $300 for it. But she changed her mind after I’d put in about 5 hours labor on the process and did not send the payment she had committed to. This is because she wants me to stop doing ambush interviews of certain politicians. Besides failing to pay either the fee she agreed to or the suggested compromise fee…she makes a series of other …interesting demands, complaints and inaccurate statements which you may want to read for yourself before deciding whether she is the best “liberty” candidate for this high office. Her behavior, and that of at least one of her apparent friends, has been disturbing enough that after two months of trying to complete this process normally it’s come time to inform the public of it.

I’ve posted a transcript of our faceboook messenger exchanges since the ad process began about two months ago on Jan. 24, and if you like reading or drama you can decide for yourself how to judge each of our statements and actions: " Who is in the right? Help me resolve this conflict "

Apologies for the accidental double-message at the start; you may need to scroll down quite a bit to reach the points of interest. After posting that transcript, informing her of it and giving her some time to present her view to the public…this a summary of what the response has been:

I’ve received a call from state rep Jason Gerhard, offering to make that partial payment himself… in 5 dollar increments …over a period of about two years. That is not ideal but is appreciated; I’ve sent him my payment info and if we can move forward on this then it should at least start to resolve the situation.

I’ve received the following quasi-threat on Facebook from someone claiming to be “Walter Kirsch:”

“Blackmail? Really? You should be careful who you fuck with.”

And I’ve received a new demand from Terese, that I delete part of one of my videos: NHexit meeting / podcast: Independence for New Hampshire! Jan 15, 2024 It has the ad in it which she ordered and copy-approved but did not pay for. She wants the ad removed. My feeling is that this ad is now and should be part of the public record as we discuss whether or not a politicial candidate handled an ad run honestly. Terese sent me this message today: “if you do not remove we the people promo from the NHExit and confirm such by end of today I will seek appropriate recourse.”


The plan was to stand down today but Terese’s censorship demand above has sent me in the opposite direction.

Got on air Free Talk Live to summarize my concerns about Terese’s false statements, censorship attempts, etc.

(It starts around the 1:41:00 mark).
One or more of those folks seem to really have bad experiences of their own with Terese…and that’s another 150,000 informed.

Posted to some other venues harder to link.

As of about 12:05am I see about tenfold increase over baseline… in attempted spam to my email addie, which Terese has.

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The spam attack has ceased and of course it’s possible Terese & Co are not the cause. There have been no apparent demands, provocations or threats from Terese or anyone allied with her…for 24 hours. I’m standing down and walking away from this conflict until/unless there is some new provocation or source of concern. I’ve done enough to raise concerns about this candidate; as Gerhard has pointed out, both she and I ostensibly should be opposing the entrenched authorities rather than each other.

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Another day has passed with no provocations or quasi-threatening messages, and Terese has stopped sending me demands…

So now I can continue the peace process by deleting the video. Removing just the ads within the vids…appears to be impossible on some services. It would be nice to have the video up as part of the public record but there is a case to be made that part of the video was shot by her and that it now contains a factual error, the part where it says it is sponsored by WeThePeople.

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