Pho Keene Great intro @ Shire Society and Forkfest


Greetings from Keene, NH. My name is Isabelle and I am very interested in participating in Forkfest as a vendor but also as an active participant in the liberty movement. I fly solo these days but would not mind connecting with like minded folks.

I own a vintage RV, 1997 Holoday Rambler, and I am dreaming of sharing the motorhome with a few people, split the costs and attend this Forkfest event. I need a driver for the RV as I will not drive that beast. It is 35 feet long and drives like a bus and is easy to drive. I can cook a lot of Pho Keene Great French Vietnamese food if I can get the beauty to the campsite.

Anyone interested in helping me drive this smooth monster RV to Forkfest? Please contact me soon so we can plan the logistics.

Thank you,




Welcome, Isabelle. Can you post a separate thread about your RV invite in the Forkfest subforum here? You’ll find it here:

Want to make sure the most people possible can see it.


Wow…I must have been tired when I wrote the intro . Just had to make a lot of typo corrections and edits. Yes, I will post about RV. Thanks, Ian. Isabelle