NH Free 2023 - Independence drive begins! Exec summary here

maybe sometime you can record an audio version of the ## reasons NH should divorce DC for me and I will add it to podcast.nhexit.org
you read slower than Alu … so us old folks can hear all the juicy details :slight_smile:

9/12/2021: Got on air WKBK Keene to talk about RiseUpNH.org’s Oct 2 event…and tHe fact that this is probably hacking at the branches while the root of the problem is New Hampshire’s connection to the U.S.

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especially now that lockdowns or mandates are a federal thing … NHexit is ripping out the connection

here is last weeks call … you can find the rest there also

good can you send me a copy so i can upload to the ridley report? I never got a copy and don’t think i can download from odysee

Also Mike Sylvia reports that the bill has been submitted to Legislative Services. When I called WKBK this morning to recount your story about being labelled a domestic terrorist for holding a sign… they eventually changed the subject and asked me about the Independence Amendment. .

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Independence Amendment is more politically incorrect

I was able to download from odysee to mp4
I just can’t rip it to mp3 on this computer

Got on air WTPL NH statewide jack heath show today finally… since it was almost on topic i was able to mention Sylvia’s submission of the Independence Amendment. Host reacted cautiously but was friendly…and had already heard about it! Also apparently had a photographic memory about my distant past career history despite the fact that this is one show I rarely talk tol.

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I would guess the president or at least some cabinet members have been informed of this by now. There are dangers in teaming up with us on this, but when was the last time you were an important part of something that got attention for your grievances at such a high level?

Also: Alu Axelman has requested that each of us email the reps expressing our early support for the legislation. He has list of their emails in .txt format i think which you can use if you contact him.

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another reason:


pile of quotes and recent articles

Someone posted this… not sure where and not sure who . of course this crappy nwq forum software we never needed in the first place… is insisting on reformatting the thing against my will:

How You Can Help

If people believe independence is possible, then it can happen. Here are some ways you can help spread the word about New Hampshire peacefully declaring independence from the United States. Please do any and all that you can, thank you!

First, brush up on some of the strong reasons NH should be an independent, sovereign nation, as it once was.
If you haven’t already, sign the online petition, then share the link on your favorite social media.
Start a conversation about NH Independence. You have clout amongst people in your sphere — friends, family, and colleagues. Don’t be pushy and don’t belittle. Instead, work to find common ground and to move forward together.
Call local talk radio about why you support independence for NH. Here’s a handy list of talk shows from around NH.
Write a letter to your local newspaper about why you support independence for NH.
Contact your local state representative(s) (click to find yours) and senator (click to find yours) and let them know that you support NH independence and even if they don’t please ask them to support the bill that would allow the people to vote on it.
Host a local event, perhaps screening a video and having a discussion afterwards.
Join the NH Exit forum to connect with the NH independence community, or if you prefer Facebook, you can join the NH Exit group there.
Follow NH Exit on Twitter for updates. There is also a less-active NH Exit Instagram account here.

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Alu Axelman is requesting we start writing reps now and apparently has written all 400.

So I sent this to my rep here in Winchester, I may send customized versions to some other reps…and the most important reps will be the ones on the relevant committee. I heard it was assigned to Judiciary.

Rep Kilanski:

They say that the best way to separate decent politicians from bad ones is to ambush interview them with a camera on their way to a government meeting. Having done this to you - and many hundreds of others - I can say that few govt. officials have reacted more appropriately and transparently than you do.

But the kind which reacts least​ appropriately, tends to be the kind with the word “Federal” in their job descrip. I should know; one of them had me arrested in ‘07 for leaving an anti-war leaflet in their lobby…while an identical demonstration at the equivalent state bureau merely resulted in pleasant conversation. That contrast in behavior, between you and them….between Imperial and Local, is a disconnect which we in New Hampshire have too-long treated as unchangeable. Or we have tried to stop Washington’s Afghan torture chambers and dictatorial vaccine mandates by playing whack-a-mole against each abuse, one by one, on DC’s terms.

The time has arrived when we must instead peaceably strike at the root of New Hampshire’s troubles: Its membership in the United States of Unaccountable. Toward this end, I ask you to support – and help maintain the wording of – Belmont Rep. Mike Sylvia’s proposed changes to the state Constitution. This “Independence Amendment” would make us a nation of our own…and it is a vote of relative confidence in your system as opposed to the increasingly hostile one which overlords us from Washington.

If you’d like to question some of us who requested this legislation: Here’s the how/when/where:



Dave Ridley
(addie, number)

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That’s a great letter, Dave.

ty hs ! Sent today to that state rep who apparently submitted NH legislation related to Calexit:

"Rep. Belanger: As a sometime guest on Marcus Evans’ Calexit “talk show,” I wanted to thank you for legislatively supporting California’s right to self-determination. I hope you will see your way clear to doing the same for New Hampshire’s right to independence when it hopefully comes before the full legislature this year. We don’t need to be ruled by any more Trumps or Bidens, and it any case you may have seen the recent Union Leader poll indicating 71 percent support for the right to vote on leaving the malfunctioning U.S.

Most of what you need to know about the NH independence drive is at forum.ShireSociety.com … consider yourself invited.

Dave Ridley

Sent this to a free stater Democrat rep who went authoritarian but whose campaign I waved sign for previous to that:

"Msg. for Amanda Bouldin: The NH Independence Amendment

Hi Amanda. The last time I saw you, I think I hugged you. Since then I’ve heard many things about your voting record which have broken my heart, but I hope that you are at least still friendly to the idea that New Hampshire should never be ruled by another Donald Trump for as long as the word spins. We can best accomplish this by not being part of the Federal system and its literal million-page list of Forbidden Acts. Failing that, merely trying can have an ameliorative effect on central government abuses.

This is a request for your support as real independence legislation is expected to come before the State House this year. It’s time for us to stop being governed by the Feds, who ran a torture chamber at their air base in Afghanistan and recently shut down 4 square blocks of residential Keene just so they could SWAT team a pro-independence talk show. Historical patterns indicate they will be doing much worse things soon enough; pressure for independence will become mainstream, and as you may know the recent unscientific Union Leader showed 71 percent support for a chance to vote on leaving the malfunctioning U.S.


Dave Ridley

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9/28 got on air WKBK-AM keene to talk about ReopenNH.com protest against exec council taking some fed money… host asked me for update on the Independence Amendment.

Dave, you have a remarkable talent for combining a personal / warm / friendly tone in your letters with strong encouragement for the recipient to Do the Right Thing, sometimes (often?) to Do Better!
Well done!