Matt Needham is the name I gave myself today

  1. Tell us about yourself.
    I’m not exactly sure how to proceed with this question. I am abruptly relocating to Keene because I feel that it is what is most healthy for my wife which I separated from today, my mom who lives to have me under her thumb in some way shape or form, my Dad who knows nothing about me because the most important events in my life “would be too much” for his anger and anxiety. I feel like the people who live in my city don’t care for their own lives let alone anyone else’s. I am afraid for my life and I feel like I have been patient for 12 years with this town, my parents, the people that live here. I’m excited and far less scared for the next 24 ahead than I would have been for the last 24 hours staying.

  2. Why are you here?
    Why Keene? because what I know of voluntarism and non-aggression and civil disobedience is where my heart has been. When you meet me, you will find that I am a stubborn problem solver and anger never made a puzzle easier.

  3. How did you find these forums?
    A member who I worked with (superfast2g). I will see you around porcupine.

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Welcome and congrats

Welcome home. I hope you find the peace you’re seeking.

Welcome! Glad to have you, and I think you’re going to see your life turn around now. Good job on making the big move.

It’s a bright new future for you.