Long time libertarian, borderline anarchist

I live in commiefornia, but I’m in Leominster, MA for work and I wanted to drive to New Hampshire and see some of the places I’ve heard about on free talk live for so many years.

I’m looking for a breakfast or lunch spot for Sunday, March 8. One that’s got good food and preferably run by freedom loving proprietors. Any suggestions?

About me, I’m originally from WI. I’m an embedded software engr. Currently working full time but may get back into consulting soon. I’m 55, married with 3 step kids. My wife, having survived the Vietnam war and seeing communism up close, is fairly anti-government too, but she’s more focused on her personal freedom than a bigger movement.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome, we have a regular Sunday evening meetup at 6pm at Local Burger at 82 Main St. in Keene. Would that work?

Yes, that will. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks Ian.

Unfortunately I’m not around this week as I am humorously out in California at the Southern California Linux Expo, but welcome to New Hampshire! Always good to have a new face in the community.

That sounds like fun @penguin. I haven’t been to that convention for a long time. I’ll have to make it a point to go next year.

I really enjoyed meeting everyone and the warm welcome I received. I’m gong to see if I can arrange another visit with my wife, maybe for Porcfest or some other event. Thanks everyone.

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Long time libertarian, borderline anarchist

Libertarianism (in the modern right-libertarian sense of the word) and “anarchism” are very far apart. Libertarianism is built on individual Property Rights; >99% of the “anarchists” reject them. Anarchists are “useful idiots” that are used by communists to create a vacuum of power, which the communists are always prepared to fill.

The remaining <1% are confused people who misunderstood Rothbard’s joke in using the term “Anarcho-Capitalism”. A chickpea is not a chicken. “AnCap” means pure free market capitalism - including the Right to form voluntary systems of governance, which nearly all people will choose to do to varying degrees. Human society naturally forms hierarchies, and capitalism supports this by recognizing Property Rights, Parents’ Rights, and Freedom of Contract.

The term “AnCap” has done nothing but confused the libertarian movement. We need two approaches: SECESSIONISM for the most dedicated, and GRADUALISM for everyone else. Good ideas for secessionist movements include seasteading and private land secession (which sadly no one in the FSP supported, and burned my writings, so I left). Gradualist libertarian ideas can include pragmatic things that Trump supporters would agree with, like moving most of the decision-making to the municipal level, with the Federal government doing nothing but taxing pollution, border defense, and redistribution of income down to the municipalities and UBI.

I guess it depends on how you interpret the word “anarchist”. I mean it in the more direct sense of “no rulers”, not molotov cocktail-throwing goons. Whether a traditional anarchist embraces private property is a separate issue, I guess.

I personally endorse private ownership of oneself and the fruits of their labor. I guess “volunariast” is less likely to be confused, but in Commiefornia, I just like being the troll anarchist.

As much as I morally support secession and complete liberty, I don’t see how that’s an option when others with guns will not allow you to do that. I try to lead by example, and be as free as I can in your own personal life.

One thing I really liked about my visit to Keene was seeing how much more people there live the life I talk about. Here, I’m a radical. There, I felt like a mainstream demican. I’m definitely going to try and start using crypto currencies for purchases.


I mean it in the more direct sense of “no rulers”, not molotov cocktail-throwing goons.

The #1 problem of philosophy is that the human languages we use to communicate (ex. English) are irrational. There is no fixed authority on the meaning of words. An appeal to etymology is considered a fallacy.

In the popular usage of the word “anarchy”, it means “no hierarchies” - even on the basis of Property Rights, contracts, and other things that right-libertarians consider to be the foundation of a free civilization.

Paraphrasing Ayn Rand, it’s either Property Rights or molotov cocktails. The overwhelming majority of self-proclaimed “anarchists” reject the former. They are low-IQ burger-flipping mental-teenagers who hate work, fail to progress in life, and rationalize away their sense of failure into a false delusion of righteousness. Such delusions can be more addictive than heroin, with the brain refusing to see the more painful reality. Anarchists want to be “equal” to their so-called “oppressors” - successful people who work hard and do the right things (and whose ancestors worked hard and did the right things).

Vacuums of power cannot exist. If you overthrow an existing government, you get a bloodbath until another one takes its place. What we want is for the power to be held by the Property Owners over their own Property - which for everyone begins with their own body, their health, their time, their mental and physical ability, their reputation, etc.

Pure free market “anarcho-” capitalism is a meta-system, like a kernel of a computer operating system. No one just runs the kernel - you use it to run other “apps”. It isn’t an absence of government, but the slow result of governments fragmenting, facing more international competition (including from a zillion new startup micronations, like seasteads and space stations), evolving into voluntary systems of governance, and becoming more accountable to their subscribers.

As much as I morally support secession and complete liberty, I don’t see how that’s an option when others with guns will not allow you to do that.

There are limits to all earthly power. Governments are successful, not because they have a gun pointed to everyone’s head at every moment, but because they control what’s happening inside the heads of those they govern. They want their sheep to think that government is warm, fuzzy, and benevolent. If they start killing peaceful charismatic media-savvy secessionists like Gandhi, ever-more of their sheep will see the contradiction.

We need non-violent, dedicated, active civil disobedience and tax resistance making the government look bad. And it would then become in the government’s own self-interest to let the dissidents secede.