Letter in a bottle from SE Asia

Hi, I’m Romeo. I grew up in nyc and northern nj. Spent a lil time in the SSCA (cali) before i left the states. Been following the FSP with interest since inception. Was so heartwarmed to see that they reached their goal last year that I knew I had start making my plan. Have started a family out here in Philippines and I want my son to grow up with the same (and getting better) level of freedom than I grew up with. The principles of liberty mean so much to me that I want to make a life around other people that share these very important ideals.

Working on a way home now. Looks like me and my family’s 1st step will be a place in the top of NY state, this is related to getting a visa for a family member so we can get stateside. It was the only available option to get us a foothold in the northeast specifically and within driving distance.

I’m hoping to make some contacts and friends in NH so I can start making some forays into the state to look around and find a suitable future home. Also I’m here for you all to offer the same, if anybody wants to visit or needs a guy on the ground in the Philippines, even after I leave here, I own a home and have family here so i have a place to host anybody’s stay and can set up guides and etc. for getting around or even getting legal stuff done or whatever may be the need.

Me personally, my interests are in engineering, inventing, alternative energy, alternative medicine, music production, permaculture, preparedness, and having great conversations.

noticed a link here in an article about the deregulation of cryptocurrencies in NH. Great job guys!

Glad to be here. and if there’s anywhere else I should be that can help me with my goals, please advise. tia!




Cool! Can’t say I have any interest in being anywhere near Duterte - that guy may be worse than Trump.

Let us know how we can help.

well this country is the best one for americans (kanos as they call us) in the region so for one who want’s to visit and experience the culture it’s not a bad choice. Filipinos genuinely like us and english is spoken to some degree by virtually all Filipinos so that is handy.

As for Duterte that is a kind of complex subject and the liberal press is doing the same type of wack job on him then they are doing on Mr Trump. So the reality is a bit different than what may being reported. One thing to consider is that a large majority of Filipinos really wanted the guy as their leader. It does seem his personal motivation is the best interests of his people. I kind of view him as similar to Vladimir Putin in some ways. Although it is a refreshing change to see a politician who has the welfare of his nations people as his key motivator i fear it may come at a heavy cost. The dark side of the coin is that he is an Authoritarian so they may end up with a benevolent (or later not so) dictator. He seems to me like one with a hammer so all problems will become nails. Not for me personally.

Thanks for the welcome and the offer. much appreciated!

Welcome to the forum. Another music-minded individual. I write songs and used to manage bands and book shows. What kind of music are you into?

Hi Kenny,

Im really into Reggae. Also like Hiphop (not the current commercial stuff), latin. Also like rock althouth i’m not well versed enough to know alot about band names. I was a recording dj and am an audio engineer. specialty in recording, i dabble in mastering and audio restoration as hobby. Also did a buch of live PA sound in small venues when i was in norcal mostly for rock bands in the area.

I liked doing the live stuff and as my background was in studio recording i would apply some of my techniques and tricks to live sound and was well received. Would like to do it again some day after moved and settled.

do you live in NH? Hows the music scene out there?

thanks for the welcome.



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I love reggae too. And I like old school hip-hop. Rock, metal, country, and blues are my favorite genres.

I’ve lived in the Keene area for about a month and have yet gone to a local show. Before I made the move there were omw good bands on Reverbnation in the area.

The old school thrash metal band DRI will be playing in a small Vermont town close to the Shire this week, just $12 a person. But I work and won’t be able to make it.

I’ve heard there’s a good music scene in Portsmouth. @DerrickJ may know more.

Hey Romeo,

There is a great music scene on the Seacoast. Concerts every night in Portsmouth, dancing, multiple clubs. Every Thursday is Reggae night at my favorite place, the Red Door. Wednesday is ladies night and they play a lot of old school hip hop. Looking forward to seeing you here.


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Hey guys thanks for your comments. seems like i have some leads on places worth checking out.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post an update but was not sure if i should make a new post or what.

I’ve made it with my family back here to the states. I’m currently in upstate NY.

So glad we made it. I’m still very serious about doing my part and moving out to NH.

Me and my wife share the dream of making roots in a place with liberty minded people.

I’m pretty bad with writen correspondence but still wish to talk to some folks out there. Was wondering if anybody would be willing to have a phone call conversation with me so i could catch up with the goings on out there. maybe make some contacts to come out and visit the state.

Anyways thanks for reading my post.



It would be hard to catch up via a phone call because one person does not know the many things that are going on. In Keene we’ve been having much success with crypto acceptance with businesses and outreach.