How are you all? My name is David. I found these forms through google by searching for information about Physical Casascius BTC. I saw a thread where an individual was asking how to sell one. Unfortunately, he did sell it however, he mentioned that he had 3 more. So, I’m dropping a line to see if he wants to sell them or at min. take my info down so he can contact me when and if he ever does want to sell them.

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Hi David! That was (probably) my post about the Casascius BTC.

I do still have three for sale, but they’d be at a significant premium right now as I’m kinda holding out for BTC to rise again within the next two months.

Feel free to comment on that thread to remind me you’re interested when I’m looking to sell again. I’d prefer to keep it all in the appropriate place.

Or go ahead and message me (click my username then the Message button) if you’d like to make an offer now.

Thank you,  for responding to the post- I just recieved it and would like to make an offer!

Please Note: Due to being unfamiliar with this forum  and currently, writing this on my cell phone- I cannot tell if I am currently sending you a private message or writing a reply to your last post. Please Private Message me at your  earliest convenience.  Thank You!

PS: Let me know what form of communication works best for you ( text, phone, email , facebook ext) or we can stick to private messages through this site. I am pretty flexable. Thanks and look forward to hear back from you…

Any coins left to sell?