Introduction from Grok

  1. Tell us about yourself.
    I’m 65 years old. My life context is: It’s All Good!
    I am married with two great kids, a 17 year old son and a 15 year old daughter.
    My life has been one long search for grok.
    I’ve been the victim of the tyranny of having my home stolen from me through an illegal foreclosure in 2009. I am still fighting that, and I know that I still own my home.
    I’m still in search of grok on what to eat, so far I’ve learned a lot, and have grok that processed sugar is the core evil. I also don’t ever drink fluoridated water.
    I am part of a team committed to: Create the Better World we know in our hearts is possible.
    That effort is currently utilizing the Sociocratic governance model with an alternative currency called Common Good, being tested in Greenfield, Mass.
    I am considered an Elder in my men’s circles and have done much work in the transformational community, starting with the Sterling Institute of Relationship, Landmark Education, Insight of Boston, Human Awareness Institute, Miracle of Love - Intensive, Non-Violent Communication, and others. It’s been quite a ride.
    I am a life coach to those who seek support and can handle the truths that will be found.
  2. Why are you here?
    I’m here to connect with like minded, open minded folks, and to learn more about this effort to create a better world.
    I’m specifically here to figure out how to get to and make these events work with my limited resources.
  3. How did you find these forums?
    A mentor mentioned the FSP and these two events. I’m curious, searched the web to learn more, and here I am.
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Hey…I known Grok! Met him a few days ago at ForkFest 2019. Good guy. Hi Grok.


Welcome, Grok!

Condon: Hey dude, we missed you during the last days. Look forward to next year. Good luck with the Ackron Way.