Intellectual property

Personally i dont believe in IP, and everything should be public domain. However, some people apparently think they exist to make money, and have forced government into oppressive copyright laws that stifle creativity, among other things.
Nobody has it right, those with the best lawyers get the sweetheart govt copyright protection.
thus i made a decision long ago that all software i write (and if i write a article or a book) will be under a creative commons license (human readable version).
additionally any podcast work i may do will be under the same license.

Redhat has been hugely successful with this approach. they sell you the software and its source code and you pay for support if you wish. Redhat also has a highly respected certification program.

That is fine, but there are consequences to that.

there are consequences to everything we do in life. some are good, some are bad, and some are a combination of both. thats life.

“Personally i dont believe in IP”, says someone with a restrictively-licensed copyleft OS mascot as an avatar. :rofl:

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I’ve long-advocated using genuinely free software instead.