Hello everyone!

I am a libertarian bent on moving to the Keene area as soon as possible. I have read some Rothbard and Bastiat, and can’t believe how oppressive our legal system is. It is exciting to be building a world where everyone can create their own destinies! I am searching hard for a job. My dream job would be at Bensonwood, but I’ll do most anything in the mean time. My experience is in sheet metal manufacturing. I’d love to do more production, manufacturing, construction, or something related to helping people live more self-reliant lives.


welcome… do you have a time-table for when you plan to move?

As soon as I can get a job. I figured I could rent a cheap efficiency apartment with some money I’d saved, but landlords aren’t interested because I don’t have a job yet. :confused: Otherwise I’m ready.

Welcome! There are multiple people moving to Keene immediately including @kenny_voluntaryist and @Dunker. You may be able to snag a room in their place(s).

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it may be easier to find work once you’re here

Samson has an “accepting applications” sign up at their new location on Optical Ave

I got a job interview tomorrow! Hopefully this will go well and I can move. Thanks FTL_lan. :slight_smile: LibertyPenguin, right now, I’m staying with my sister outside of Boston so I am able to drive up and visit if my car cooperates. What sort of projects are you guys up to? I noticed there was a Makerspace accepting Bitcoin.


Bitcoin outreach is a big thing here in Keene these days, plus politics - state house testimony, running for office.

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Yes, my partner and I will welcome voluntaryist roommates. We’re going to do a motel or bed and breakfast at first, though, to get jobs and get things settled. And then look for rentals.

how’d the interview go?

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Hey Sharon - Timken (I think they make ball bearings) has signs out right now for hiring.

Yes I’ve looked into Timken. I’ve got another job I have to work for a while. My stay has been fantastic. It was a pleasure meeting you guys and I’ll definitely be keeping an ear out for what is going on in Keene. I hope to be back. :slight_smile:

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keep us posted on when you come back!

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Hi again,

It’s good to hear you guys are still at it despite the flagrant and barbaric attacks.

I ran into some sus people at Porcfest in 2017 and apparently they took me as a threat to their tyrannical interests. I seem to have been put on a list and have been subjected to some cointepro style attacks. They are not able to break me, and I have gotten farther than most in gathering good evidence on them. From what I can see, a surprising number of people are harmed. I am working on exposing the program, coming up with solutions, and also going through with my original political strategy that I was working towards in 2017, which is sort of a law-abiding agorism.

I really loved Keene and think that it, or somewhere in NH, is the best place to continue. I look forward to sharing my story and discussing my ideas!

neat so see how the raid has brought this forum to life, it feels like the old days at NHfree.com when we had dozens of posts a day and was so much better than facebook.