Gangstalking,Community based harrasment,Zersetzung,Noise Campaign,Cause Stalking

Yahoo search engine hits on gangstalking…well over a million, but it’s just “paranoia”. One of the ways of systematic repression of dissidents… Or make you look like a “nutjob”. Extreme leftists would do this in other places but not here? I doubt it.

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If the community finds somebody a “threat” and harms someone they arrest him. If there is no victim then there is no crime. Not liking someone and disagreeing with them does not make them a “threat” or a “nutjob”.

SOP for “gangstalkers/Community watch/community harassment”. Targeted Individuals are the new scapegoat for a modern society. Use of sophisticated techniques of harassment that leave no evidence except to make the target look paranoid and crazy. All Tyrannical Governments need Scapegoats to legitimize themselves.

I agree with Ian that some people with “issues” get caught up in this, but I personally have spoken with very credible people that are affected. The sad things is the harassment is designed to get you labeled a nutjob by police and/or locked up. Voice to skull is a real technology.