Gaming on linux

one possibility for gaming on linux is to setup a windows virtual machine and pass your video card through to the virtual machine. all modern computers support this, but it will take a bit of work to do.

use onboard graphics for the host system or a second video card. you will also need a 2nd monitor keyboard and mouse; all of which must be passed to the virtual machine.

this essentially gives you 2 computers in one, by splitting the resources between the 2 systems.
linus tech tips actually did this with some sort of high power xeon processor and 7 video cards; they called it “7 gamers one cpu” or something like that.

i wanted to add that this can be done on any modern computer that supports iommu (a bios setting) and has at least 4 cores (most games require at least 2 cores many like 4 better. so more is better in this case) and a minimum of 16GB ram .
yes this is still running windows, but with a VM it removes the hassle of dual booting and/or having a dedicated gaming machine.

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does it run tux cart? :smiley:

Gaming on Linux is no longer a challenge. If you want to recapture the vibe of how it was a few years ago, try OpenBSD. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: