Free speech

this xkcd cartoon expresses my opinion of free speech :

A lot of libertarians get this wrong. (Even Ayn Rand.)

Free speech” is a principle.

Censorship” is a policy.

They can apply at any level: world government, national government, subnational government, voluntary organization, business, neighborhood association, Web-site / message forum, family, etc.

When applied to the US Government, the First Amendment is applicable; when done by Google, Facebook, or Free Talk Live it is not. But the terms like “free speech” and “censorship” are still applicable. It’s true that private businesses and organizations aren’t breaking any law or violating Rights by censoring, but that doesn’t mean they should be immune from criticism (ex. bias, hypocrisy, etc) when they do so.

And so I encourage everyone to boycott all leftist platforms, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Microsoft / GitHub, Reddit, etc, etc, etc. Support for “Net Neutrality” (aka government control of the Internet) is a very convenient litmus test for who to boycott. Use alternative explicitly right/libertarian online institutions like Voat.

And xkcd, while being clever on some topics, has a left-wing bias. They are traitors to all nerdkind, and should be on the boycott list as well.

Censorship is worse than murder.

Censorship is worse than physical torture, because the victim eventually dies a martyr.

Censorship kills you completely, mind and spirit, as if you’ve never existed.