former nh resident and possibly futre

I’m a metal head screaming lyrics, air guitar playing superstar.

Not anymore, the meds I’m taking, make me not able to do that anymore. I mean like really not able to do any of that.

Have you ever listened to Metallica at full volume next to a head-banger? They practically can’t stop themselves from bopping their head and yelling out the song’s words.

Me? Not at all.

I take velflaxine now. I’m not saying it doesn’t work. Its the exact opposite. My happy pills work so well, I don’t even do those things anymore.

I can still listen to the music loudly, but to be the head-banger,I’m not.

This all translates into other parts of my life too. I can’t get so upset at something that I should, then when I’m alone with my wife I explode on her.

So not fair.

I know that. I’m not stupid. In fact I think I have a super high IQ. Just haven’t bothered to have it measured in like 20 something years.

Now once 5 or 6 pm rolls around, completely different. The pills have worked themselves out of my system and now I’m back to my old self.

I told the doctor, and her response was more pills to zombifie me more.

My knowledge is mostly self taught, mostly because my mother was right on a few things. She thought I should learn what I need because I want to. Which led to knowing a ton of stuff about tons of stuff.

Can you recite the lyrics to every song written by Bernie Taupine and Elton John. Guess Elton Johns real name? How about how many soldiers were at the battle of Concord. What is the difference between reality and the story of Paul Revere?

Yes there is. Mr. Revere had other riders with him, and he didn’t yell “The British are coming” . That might have tipped off the loyal among the colonists that might hear him. That is to say he may ave knocked on a window or two, and then told that person some preset code word that meant “The British are coming so hurry up and get ready.”

Anyway, what does that have to do with my meds?

Well the answer is…everything. I cant think straight some days. My memory is crap, so I now carry a smart phone just to remember stuff. Many times I have to call my wife to get in on a diagnosis just so someone remembers what was said, and then needs to be done.

I talked about my mother and by extension my growing up years. Well they were decant to me. Of course to many others I came to find out my mother was a tyrantical ruler over myself and my siblings. But I don’t think that was true. I had so much time to myself for whatever I chose to pursue, as did my siblings also.

My brother is a mechanical genius. We always say if it has 4 wheels he can fix it. Of course he also think his last name is Earnhardt.

I listened to what I wanted. Read the books I wanted, and when computers became huge in the home, we were one of the first to get one.

During school, she never once said I had to take this or that. More like just told me a god or bad thoughts on a good and bad decision.

welcome olymp