Forkfest Events, Speeches, Presentations and Seminars

Define “this”, Ian…


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So Ian’s statement is this: “If decentralized gets tolling, it can be added…” etc. No. Not a usable definition.

I’ll know it when I see it? I haven’t seen anything yet.

Go to it, AO77!

I set up a Google calendar yesterday, but no one’s added any events to it yet. Details in this thread.

Probably because no one know about it. Spread the word…widely.

Uh, no. I’ve done more than enough to support an event I have no interest in attending.

You asked how to schedule an event, I provided you a way to do so. The ball’s in your court, now. Promote away!



Ian? He’s talking about you, man… :slight_smile:

I’ll only promote it if some people are using it. Not gonna promote a thing that’s at zero.

I think Aahz was asking those of you who wish to schedule things to promote it around, as he’s not interested in promoting it.

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If it’s not promoted (i.e. advertised as to its existence and availability) no one will know about it. If no one KNOWS about it, no one uses it. If no one uses it…that provides good reason not to promote it! Vicious circle? I report, you libertarians decide…

People want to tell an organizer to give them a time and to put it on a list, not do it themselves. You should volunteer to be that organizer, Tim. Then you could use it to input events.


Do ya think they’d do it themselves if they knew where and how to do it? That’s where “promotion” comes in. Maybe I shouldn’t have called it “promotion”…how about “let people know” where the resource is. I sure don’t.

But you do, Tim. As I pointed out upthread the details of where it is and how to use it are available by clicking here.

Aha! THERE it is. Okay…now get out there and PUBLICIZE it so people will know where to go for both scheduling Forkfest stuff AND attending those things that are scheduled!

No? Bad idea?

That’s a great idea, you should do that!

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I’ve already talked on-air on multiple occasions about how people are scheduling things on the forum. More people in this forum means more people seeing the threads.

If people actually use this thing organically, it will be added to the website as a resource.

Someone who wanted to promote could drop a mention in the Telegram chat, for one.

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I wonder—and I’m just musing here—if this episode isn’t an example of the dysfunctionality (or non-functionality) of anarchism…in the sense of not having a structure designed to ensure that things get things done.

Oh…and a special shout-out to Jay: “No…YOU do it.” :o)

Quotes from that site:

“Forkfest - No one is in charge, so everyone is.”

“No one is in charge and the event is decentralized. So, it’s up-to-you what happens!”

I’m not sure what you expected. If you want structure, you’re going to have to make your own…as people have tried to explain multiple times here.

But you were just trolling from the beginning the entire time here to make a point about “those silly anarchists”, right? Kinda seemed like it, now I know for sure. You’re one funny old fart. Hue hue hue.