Fix for soundclound named titles

soundcloud filename fix on linux. it should work on WSL on windows; this is not tested.

If you do not understand what this script is doing, DO NOT RUN IT

#list directory contents into a file
ls SoundCloud* > ls.txt
while read line
#get filename from mp3tag. requires exiftool
a=$(exiftool "$line" | grep Title | awk -F ":" '{print $2}' | sed 's/^ //;s/\.//' ) 
#rename files. alternatively change mv to cp to keep originals
mv "$line" "$name"
done <ls.txt
#remove the listing.txt
rm ls.txt

edit: all scripts/software i write (no matter how poorly written) is free and open source. you may use it however you wish, i only ask for attribution if you use or modify my software/scripts in your program.

I would recommend avoiding SoundCloud entirely. It doesn’t like Tor. And it’s probably as censorship-prone as all the other government-loving big-dot-coms…

P2P (ex. IPFS) is probably the best way…