Esperanto-A Non-National Movement


Esperanto was designed to be easy and fun. Plus its easier to learn a language today than it ever has been. Duolingo literally makes the process into a game for free. If a person has time to look up memes or porn on his/her phone, they have time to spend a few minutes everyday learning a language.

As to why;
to enable peace
to make it easier to communicate and travel abroad
to make it easier to learn other languages
to make a Free State language

I think you are really overestimating the difficulty of learning this language and not understanding the full utility of the language.

Esperanto speakers don’t feel the need to congregate and move together. They don’t need to. Its an auxiliary language not attached to any region or nation. Why would they move here? That’s not what this is about. It’s about connecting with people outside of NH that believe in peace. This is one way to connect to other liberty minded communities.

Point taken, Kelsier. Despite my (very advanced) age, I’d like to take a stab at learning Esperanto. I wonder if there will be any Esperanto-speakers at the Forkfest…and if so, might they do presentations and/or classes? That would be cool…

Well, I plan on being there, but I can’t make any promises about presentations. I may be an Esperanto/Granite Logic book exchange combo like I did for this year’s Liberty Forum.

Until then, check out some of the Esperanto books here:

And try Duolingo if you haven’t already.

Gis revido,


Well I’m going to be there through the entire ForkFest and the PorcFest. If you decide to have any gathering to explain, discuss, and encourage Esperanto-learning—and please do!—I’ll come. (As for me, my campsite is going to feature a sign offering “Free Alien Advice”…)