Hey everybody. I guess this is my first obligatory post. Let me start by introducing myself. I am a guy who loves Liberty, God, nature, music, and learning about things like psychology, philosophy, religion/spirituality, and really anything. I consider myself to be a man of integrity, and will always be a moralist over a conformist. I Truly always try to do what is right, and am always looking to grow and evolve as a person.
I have lived in Western New York the majority of my life and was planning on moving sometime down the road. I have been healing from a health issue and have been on an upward trajectory. I was going to give it a little more time before I decided what my next move was, but with the speed at which our country seems to be changing, I have decided that the time may be now. I believe this virus is being used in an attempt to bring in geopolitical, economic, and technological control. I think that is being used to try to create a New Order.
Because of this, I started searching places that could potentially make sense for me to relocate, and I have now come across New Hampshire a few times. I am looking for likeminded people that value liberty and individual sovereignty, but ultimately I’m looking for a community that is in a rural or off-grid that is aware of this unfolding madness happening in America.
I look forward to connecting with people on here and learning more about what is going on in New Hampshire. Seems like I might have ended up in the right place.

Much love,

If they’re REALLY off grid, they won’t be on the internet. That said, welcome. If you love liberty, New Hampshire makes a fine escape from New York.

Welcome! And, you’re right about what the virus is being used for. They’re calling it ‘The New Normal.’ Chilling, quite frankly.

There wasn’t even a pandemic. A handful of unhealthy population centers aside, most all hospitals have been empty with the doctors & staff furloughed this entire time. Just look at the number of national and global deaths, the yearly averages are the same, no rise. Economic incentives were simply used to attribute C19 for the causes of death numbers. The virus itself is actually weak–that’s why 80% who get it don’t even know they’ve had it!–with really the only risk group those over 70yo of age, and those with other pre-existing conditions and prior-compromised immune systems.

If you’re 16yo your risk is .001%! If you’re between 17-45yo your risk is .01%. That’s a tenth of a percent! You probably take more risk getting in your car.

I could go on, but instead, well say welcome.

Ha you’re right. Maybe I can learn morse code to find out where the REAL off grid people are.

But thank you for the warm welcome…


Honestly, I knew from the very start of this thing that this isn’t about a virus. Like you said, it just isn’t adding up. After getting red-pilled my eyes were opened to what the New World Order is and what globalism is really about. Unfortunately, these globalist psychopaths have been infiltrating the American system for many decades now (and Nation States all over the world). JFK tried to warn us of this sort of thing and is most likely why he was killed. The globalist endgame encompasses a lot of stuff.

It is economic (notice how the American petrodollar and global economy are in rough shape?). I truly believe we are witnessing a complete crash of the old system, so a new one can be brought online. That new system would be a centralized digital currency. They will say that paper money is now “contagious.”

And that leads to the next part of this, the technological aspect. This situation is allowing for the infrastructure of a technocracy to be laid down. 5g has been quietly installed while people have been on lockdown. They’re also introducing “contacting tracing,” which is just a fancy way of saying we are losing more freedom and Liberty. The gov is trying to erode more of our liberty through technology.

I believe they are trying to create a digital immunity ID with this vaccine. Bill Gates is involved in a project called ID2020, and has invested millions of dollars into “quantum tattoos,” which are digital IDs that embed in the skin. This, of course, would be a complete violation of human rights and freedom. This would essentially connect us to the technocratic system.

The New World Order = Totalitarian technocracy = Communism on steroids (essentially communism through technology)

I hope I’m wrong about all of this, I don’t want to be right. But Americans need to wake up fast because something far deeper is clearly going on here.

Thank you for the welcome. Glad to be here.

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Thoughtful post, and I see nearly all that as well.

I’ll add that the inherent logistics of 5g with its short rage is moving the internet away from providers and toward cities and municipalities, ie. the state as provider.

The other thing I wish to add is, just to blame the elitists and globalists would be missing most of the problem. Everyone tells their children crime doesn’t pay, because it doesn’t, but then turn around and vote (give authority to) proxies to go commit crimes in the hopes they will get a cut of the proceeds.

These criminals will use whatever is at hand to carry it out and if technology is what is at hand it will be used for this purpose. Technology in itself isn’t the problem (per say), its a tool. This scheme of giving authority to proxies to go commit crime in the hopes of getting a cut is the problem. I mean, you can predict the outcome! (And we see it play out over and over again.)

I’ve pointed out before, one clear result is that now the first 50% of Americans collectively own only 1% of the wealth, Crime doesn’t pay, folks. Behave as you tell your children to behave!

And to bring it back around, this same apparatus is used as the ‘tool’ by the elite & globalists to further their own goals, ie. the people are creating the tool which is then used against they themselves.

So the problem starts, here, with us (people who are still using statism to try and get ahead.)

Just wanted to point this out to also be considered.

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Exactly. Technology itself is neutral. It is neither positive or negative, but there are an infinite amount of potential positives and an infinite amount of potential negatives.

If it was in the right hands it could be used for Truly incredible purposes. But as you pointed out, criminals essentially run things and they see technology as the ultimate way to control and rule over people. And as technology keeps evolving this has never been more achievable.

As far as the People goes, this problem runs deep. Most people are victims of purposeful trans-generational brainwashing through decades of ideological subversion. It’s gotten to a point where many people can’t even recognize when they’re being lied to. And we have been divided (by design) to such a degree that the people are fighting each other instead of uniting against the criminals at the top.

We are certainly overdue for a revolution in this country. The whole governmental system is now a cesspool of corruption. Unfortunately most people get pulled into the left/right paradigm, somehow thinking this next guy is different than the last ones. Our system has been infiltrated to such a degree that it can now only be changed by the People.

The question becomes, are enough people awake? And are enough people up for the challenge?

Correction: meant to put “hundredth of a percent”, rather. It’s not letting me edit my own post for some reason (maybe a time limit?)