How is it forcing someone to do anything? They have a choice to stay and abide or not stay. The only thing required of them is to leave the people alone who don’t want to participate in their system.


No. It may not be practical, but I don’t see how it’s against the NAP.

It’s not force. If they stay in a place that is free, all they have to do is leave people alone. How is that force?
Further more if we were going by the NAP technically the people who support the government ARE using force against peaceful people. By means of more or less saying “go get em if they don’t pay our taxes, follow our law”. The threat of force that’s backed up by people with guns IS force.

No I get it, you’re a colonist and the injuns are going to learn it’s you’re way or the highway.

The Puritans and Mormons both tried to integrate with normal societies until they realized they needed a fresh piece of land to realistically achieve their vision of new social orders.

Y’all need to figure out how to terraform Antarctica with your Bitcoin/shitcoin wealth.

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All they have to do is leave peaceful people to be peaceful? Learn them to not aggress against someone, sure. But that’s what people do already. If someone comes at you with intent to harm you, do you not defend yourself? If you want freedom it will come at a cost and with some growing pains. It’s not going to be a utopia, and it’s not going to be easy.

Why should I be forced to pay taxes that support the bombing and murder of innocent people in other lands? Am I not really free to decide that? Simply because I was born on one plot of dirt I’m bound to follow it’s absurd laws? All I’m saying is to allow people to opt out of this “social contract” that I’ve never agreed to. Why does it go on? Because “The empire doesn’t require my consent”.

And you can’t just up and move to Antarctica, GOVERNMENTS of the world wouldn’t allow it! Shoot man people moved to New Hampshire in search and how much different is that from Antarctica? The US government doesn’t just allow someone to walk away easily and even if it did there aren’t loads of welcoming destinations. If it’s the land of the free then how about they try and let the people exercise that freedom that is so beholden? I’d settle for only crimes with a victim to be enforced even. Enforcement of victim less crimes is a clear indicator we are not free.

Trust me man I was where you are, but time taught me a lesson in life. As I got older and seen the world around me for what it really is, without thee blinders of red, white and blue glasses. I don’t expect to change your mind, I know no one would have changed mine. But the discussion is fun anyways.

If Israel can displace and kill Palestinian natives to achieve their goal, we can surely “get away with” melting some fuckin’ ice and petting some penguins.

They won’t let you there because it’s the edge of the earth! You obviously haven’t been schooled in flat earth. Jeez

I thought it was because of the secret Nazi UFO base.

That’s kinda the root problem and may have something to do with the fact that children are handed over at about 3 years old to be domesticated by the State. If we ever achieved anarchy this would be a non-issue.

I mean, I do hope that most parents would care enough. But.

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I don’t know. The jews have been doing it for thousands of years without a state. It seems like the issue is bigger than “the State”.

It’s always the fear of what MIGHT happen that brings on many
of our laws. We fear abuse of children, so we pass statutory
rape laws, which represses the natural curiosity of children.
Then we wonder why as adults they are sexually repressed.
The fear of what people might do (robbery, assault, etc.) to
feed their “drug habit” results in laws to eliminate even the
natural sources (plants) that might possibly be used to produce
those drugs, even though many, if not most, people don’t break
other aggressive laws to get the money or other compensation
they need to buy their drugs. I agree with Mel that system
causes more harm than good.
We also believe that if a person has a license that somehow
that makes them safer drivers, when we know it’s not true.
But we punish those who drive without a license, even though
just looking at drivers on the road there is no distinction in
driving habits between those with a license and those without.
We have drunk driving laws because we believe that driving
under the influence is dangerous - even though only forty
percent of accidents are have related alcohol consumption,
leaving sixty percent that are sober related.
We keep throwing money into education, but studies have
shown that there is only a marginal effect on educational
attainment. But we keep assuming that more money means
better educated kids… most of whom will forget half of what
they learned in school shortly after, because it just doesn’t
apply to their own lives.
None of these make any sense, but we just keep on doing it.

While we’re on the subject of drugs… it is often said that marijuana
is just a plant, so how can anyone make the plant illegal.
Has anyone added in the other plant-based drugs?
There is peyote, of course, and opium. But also Ayahuasca,
the basic active ingredient of which is MDMA. How about
the San Pedro cactus, and others in the same plant group,
from which is derived mescaline… but which are sold as
ornamental plants, even though technically they are illegal.
I love the smell of mock orange bushes flowering in the
spring, it is intoxicating… literally, since the bush contains
a mild hallucinogen (not sure just what).
I’m sure there are many many more. But they don’t seem
to be given the same importance as marijuana PLANTS
in efforts to legalize drugs.
Once, many years ago, I held in my hands the seeds of the
opium poppy, brought back from southeast Asia by military
personnel. They also had them growing in their back yard.

This seems to be relatively a non-issue on NH.
While some public drug offenses are pushed if so obvious they are difficult to ignore, when used at home for religious or medical chouce, drugs were upheld as non-criminal by NH supreme court, mushrooms by a rastifarian in that case.
There are numerous safe spaces our movement has created for free expression of nudity among other peaceful yet taboo public displays.
The bottom line is our movement is winning. We have a winning strategy for liberty in our lifetime.

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