Bryant says Hello from sunny Los Angeles CA


Hi to my new friends. I started researching our De Facto U.S. Government back in the early 90’s working as a School District Police Officer. The question I never could answer was "Why are two people and five children working 50 hours a week, not able to live a comfortably life without government assistance? "After 23 years working as a Government employee, I saw the need for government assistance just to survive.

I’m here to help and promote freedom, and liberty, something our government has forgotten about. I noticed American living was not about Liberty, Freedom. Daily, citizens pay one or more of 95 taxes, registration, or fees. Our daily freedoms are restricted. I started a Blog exposing the Government illegal activities and videos at to pursue that great life we all deserve, looking for that Liberty and freedom we talk about.

I found this forum from videos and websites that promote freedom like the ACLU, and Shire. I respect everyone opinions and hope we all find the peace and freedom we all deserve. Thank You.

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Peace and freedom are what we’re after too, so welcome. Glad to have you!


Welcome, are you planning a move to the Shire?